The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

The story that I enjoyed the most was, “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury. The story is about a smart house who has been abandoned for several days because of nuclear warfare that hit a small town in California. The house has been running for the days the humans have been gone. It is a fun story because its a story by a houses point of view. It goes through what the house sees day to day and its fun to read.  Another reason i liked this story is the authors craft. The way that the author used similes and metaphors really helped to know what the house was like. So that was the story I hated the least.

The Good Stuff

There is a lot to be grateful for. Things that I can think of right off the bat are, a good family, a warm house, a bed, and my all time favorite, cereal. I was able to think of those things pretty fast, but sometimes it’s good to go even deeper. I think sometimes we (including me) take even the little things for granted. One of the things that comes to mind is water. All the time we just get up and go get a drink by the press of a button. I think it’s important to think of how blessed we are to have something as simple as water. Another thing that comes to mind is education. Okay, I’m one of those kids who really hates going to school, and chances are, you don’t enjoy it either. But even things we don’t enjoy, we can still be grateful for, because a good education is key to getting a good job in the future. In short, I think we can all find something to be grateful for.

Everybody Was Finally Equal

I think we all have that friend that is super good at literally anything that they attempt to do. I know I have those friends. Obviously its okay that we have those friends, but whats not okay is putting them down for your own benefit. I think the reason people do it is to feel better about themselves because they feel they aren’t as good as they are. I think every single one of us has done this before, I know i’m guilty. But writing this post has made me realize that I should stop doing that and not only stop pulling people down, but complement them for being good at something. I hope reading this post helped you lift someone up in someway.

What’s on my Mind?

I literally don’t know what to write right now. Well, it’s 4th period on a Friday, so that’s good. It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost Christmas, which means it’s almost my birthday so that’s something fun to think about. Speaking of Thanksgiving, both of my favorite football teams (The Los Angles Rams and BYU) aren’t very good, so that’s less great. I still enjoy watching the games though. Speaking of sports, those are my favorite things on the planet, especially football. Me and one of my buddies do sports nearly everyday. Speaking of everyday, I go to school on every week day. Speaking of school, i’m writing this blog post.

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

The story I read was “The Landlady” By Ronald Dahl. Its about a guy who gets murdered and then gets stuffed by an old lady. Personally I’ve never been brutally murdered by a crazy old woman who happens to be a taxidermist, and I’m pretty sure that you haven’t either. So this was kinda difficult to see how this related to me. So instead of asking my self if I had ever been murdered, I looked for a different way this relates to me. One of the ways was the old lady. No, my grandmas not insane and I’m not a grandma either, the way I saw it was appearance. In the beginning of the story, the old lady seems very sweet and kind, but you soon figure out that shes secretly a murderer. I’ve had this happen before where somebody seems like a certain person at the beginning but turns out to be someone totally different. I think its important to find people who are authentic and are themselves. I’ve had problems with this myself, like acting different around certain people, but then realizing it and stopping. So to wrap everything up, I think we should just be ourselves and be authentic. Sorry, that post didn’t make a lot of sense.

Suspense and Word Choice

One night, a plethora of years ago, a young child named Billy Smith was walking down the street of a ghost town with the name Pleasant Grove. He passed a few frightening looking buildings with shattered windows and lots of graffiti. But Billy kept on walking. Billy started to get this eerie feeling that something was creeping up behind him. However every time he looked behind him nothing was there. But Billy heard footsteps behind him and he knew something was following him. Billy decided to just sit down and wait for someone to come get him. After about 27 minutes and 55 seconds a busted up truck passed him and screeched to a halt put the car in reverse, and started coming towards Billy! Billy was like 7 years old so he didn’t know to not get in a strangers car. So Billy asked the man if he could get in the car. the creepy man said no and ran Billy over and i’m just kidding that was just a dream because nothing scary ever happens in Pleasant Grove.

Free! Body and soul free!

In the two poems we read they talked about how in the 1800’s women felt trapped in ways like not being able to vote or being treated like property. Today, people are feeling trapped too. Obviously not in the ways they were back then, but still trapped. In today’s age, with social media, we are starting to feel more and more trapped. With people feeling like other people’s lives are perfect and that their’s is not. Its starting to really put people down a hole that’s really difficult to get out of. Yes, social media can be a very good thing, but its also leading to more people who are depressed and feeling like they aren’t good enough and making them feel trapped. However, there are many ways to get “untrapped.” One way to help is many people have tried turning off social media and have seen themselves feeling happier and better about themselves. Although getting out of that trap may be hard, its not impossible.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Whether smartphones are good or bad has been the talk of the 21st century. Some people say they are good for us some say they are bad for us but I think it is a little bit of both. Smartphones are bad for obvious reasons like being on it to long and it being an addiction but there are many more reasons. Scientists are now finding that they lower patience and literally cause memory loss issues. You hear the bad a lot more than you hear the good. But there are things that are good with them. They are good if there were to be an emergency and you need to contact the police or your parents. They are also a good way to relax, but only for a little because then it will become an addiction. As you can see, there are pros and cons to smartphones on you all the time.

The First Story I Read

The story I read was A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and it was kinda weird. But I liked it. The story takes place in 2055 and is about hunting dinosaurs. The story takes place in a time where time travel exists and they go back in time and hunt dinosaurs. They have one big rule, don’t go off the path. They have that rule so they don’t change the future and mess everything up. However there is one very experienced hunter that they take who didn’t realize what he was getting into and got super scared. He ended up running away to get back to the time machine but steps off the path. I would tell you what comes next, but Mr. Green said to not give any spoilers, so I guess you are gonna need to read it.

“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

I enjoyed reading this poem once I understood it. I think its important if you know generally what the poet is trying to say, you will get more out of the poem. In the beginning she talks about beautiful scenes of nature like a bird singing on a fence or a Robins beautiful feathers. But soon, you find that’s not what the poem is about at all. It starts talking about war and death and its kinda weird. Unless you use context clues, I found that the date of the poem is 1920 which is coincidentally 2 years after World War II. You start to see how everything starts to relate to it. The author talks about how war is a terrible thing and how the earth will do just fine or even better if we all died. In my opinion, I totally agree, war is terrible and wrong. However I feel like it is the only solution in some cases and in that is the only way it is kinda okay. I enjoyed the poem and I think you should read it too!