Deep Thinkers 2.1


Title: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. The Sword of Summer

Author: Rick Riordan

Page #: 62


“I’d always thought of hotel corridors as dark, depressing, and claustrophobic. Floor nineteen? Not so much. The vaulted ceiling was twenty feet tall, lined with-you guessed it-more spears for rafters. Valhalla had apparently gotten a good deal at the Spear Wholesale Warehouse. Torches burned in iron scones, but they didn’t seem to make any smoke. They just cast warm orange light across the wall displays of swords, shields, and tapestries. The hall was so wide you could’ve played a regulation soccer game, no problem. The bloodred carpet had tree branch designs that moved as if swaying in the wind.


Magnus had just died in a pretty epic way and is now in Vallhalla. He’s getting everything explained to him, and he just arrived at his floor! (Floor 19).

This Makes Me Think

I really like how the author put Magnus’s thoughts in the explanation of everything. He’s like explaining how everything looks and how tall everything is and how he’s annoyed by most of it.

In Pictures

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