On Stealing

I think Liesel is stealing to cope with all of the things that have happened in her life. I mean her mom is gone and her brother is literally dead. Her stealing might be a way of healing for her, and no that does not mean it is justified. It might be kind of helping her now but it will catch up with her. I mean when she stole¬†The Shoulder Shrug¬†she had a lot of paranoia. Thinking who saw and what they might do to her. I think she’s kind of weird in the fact that she’s really nice, but she steals things. It’s like the one really annoying nephew you have who’s really nice to when around your grandma and like deadly when nobody else is around. So yeah those are mu thoughts.


2 thoughts on “On Stealing

  1. No. There’s no justification. She deserves no pity for stealing, that filthy rat. Stealing is a terrible coping mechanism and I hope Rudy dies as punishment for her thievery.

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