On Stealing

I think Liesel is stealing to cope with all of the things that have happened in her life. I mean her mom is gone and her brother is literally dead. Her stealing might be a way of healing for her, and no that does not mean it is justified. It might be kind of helping her now but it will catch up with her. I mean when she stole The Shoulder Shrug she had a lot of paranoia. Thinking who saw and what they might do to her. I think she’s kind of weird in the fact that she’s really nice, but she steals things. It’s like the one really annoying nephew you have who’s really nice to when around your grandma and like deadly when nobody else is around. So yeah those are mu thoughts.


Deep Thinkers 2.1


Title: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. The Sword of Summer

Author: Rick Riordan

Page #: 62


“I’d always thought of hotel corridors as dark, depressing, and claustrophobic. Floor nineteen? Not so much. The vaulted ceiling was twenty feet tall, lined with-you guessed it-more spears for rafters. Valhalla had apparently gotten a good deal at the Spear Wholesale Warehouse. Torches burned in iron scones, but they didn’t seem to make any smoke. They just cast warm orange light across the wall displays of swords, shields, and tapestries. The hall was so wide you could’ve played a regulation soccer game, no problem. The bloodred carpet had tree branch designs that moved as if swaying in the wind.


Magnus had just died in a pretty epic way and is now in Vallhalla. He’s getting everything explained to him, and he just arrived at his floor! (Floor 19).

This Makes Me Think

I really like how the author put Magnus’s thoughts in the explanation of everything. He’s like explaining how everything looks and how tall everything is and how he’s annoyed by most of it.

In Pictures

Are Books Dangerous

WELCOME! Today I’m doing a blog post because I’m supposed to! I would explain the backstory but we already know the prompt so I’m just going to answer it… I think the Nazis are so worried about books because maybe these books have hints or instructions or something like that of how to take down hitler. Maybe the books will teach people what the Nazis don’t want them to know. Maybe these books tell people why Hitler is wrong, and according to the Nazis he’s right. If enough people read these books maybe the people could understand what was really going on and stop it.


So yeah those are my thoughts bye.


The Book Thief So Far

In the beginning of the book I didn’t really understand because I was kind of rushed but I get it now. I get where everything falls in to place and I love how it all works! Death is the narrator and I really enjoy that. He was doing his thing extracting souls and he stayed for a while to tell the story. I think that is a very creative way to have a narrator. I also like how this book doesn’t make me want to fall down the stairs and cry in the floor for three hours. It’s not boring and its enjoyable to read. From Rosa’s beatings to Hans’s accordion I love it. Rudy…. Well he’s just how his name sounds. I piece of garbage. If Rudy was in my class I’d kill him. (Metaphorically of course.)

What Would It Be Like?

So I would go off of things from the book but I still don’t have the freaking book so I’m just going to say what I think. How would it feel to lose everything at a young age? I younger age than most of us. It would not feel good. Everything you’ve had and known will change. If it was me I wouldn’t know where to go or what to do. How can you call a place home with people you don’t even know. That might also have an affect later in life don’t really know what but SOMETHING!


ThIS wAs my blOg pOsT I hOpe yoU enjoYeD iT.


What I look for in a Good Character

Hey guys its like your favorite person back here with another blog post! This topic is going to be about what I look for in a good character as you can see in the title. I like to see characters who aren’t always the nice guy/having the advantage in EVERY SINGLE situation. I like to see characters who go through challenges and problems to the point where they can’t just throw 6 million fireballs out of their hand and end the book. I look to see if they are emotionally attached or not in most cases they are. I also look to see if I was in the book if I would be their friend or have some kind of connection to them. My scale kind of goes from 1 – I’d break your neck and throw you down the Eiffel Tower a couple times and proceed to inject your food with poison and then after you get poisoned throw you into a chamber of complete darkness until you pass away of starvation. If they fall into that last category I’ll probably not read the book, there is only one character who has gone into that category and that is Conor from A Monster Calls. Thanks for taking time out of your day to listen to me talk about literally nothing. I hope you have a good day, and please comment so I can see k thanks!


Book Review of A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls is about a kid who is going through some rough times, and summons a monster to help him heal. Conor’s Monster takes the form of a Yew Tree, but that is not the only thing the Monster can be. It can be anything. The book, and the movie, starts with Conor’s Nightmare. His Nightmare is about him losing someone who he doesn’t want to lose and always ends with him waking up. After that, he goes to school and has a pretty normal day! Somewhat.

I really liked the word choices and how the author explained what was going on and what people and things looked like. I liked some of the character development through the book and movie.

What I disliked. I really did not enjoy what they did with Lily… Why would you make a character so close to the main character only to have her say like three things and never come back in the book? SHE WASN’T EVEN IN THE MOVIE!!! I also did not like the ending and how we were just left to assume. Did the Monster stay with Conor? Did the grandma continue to be stupid and make millions? We don’t know. I DON’T THINK BLANK WHITE PAGES TELL US ANYTHING!

This is my review. I hope you enjoyed and if you did I’ll give you $5 if you didn’t well change your mind and I’ll give you $5 okay thanks!






Stories Don’t Always Have Happy Endings

In this passage, Conor’s dad is warning him that stories don’t always have happy endings. He seems to be saying that things might not work out with Conor’s mum the way Conor wants them to. But what about this idea about sad stories? Do we always expect stories to end happily? What happens when they don’t? Why would we bother reading something that will only make us sad? What is the point of sad stories? THIS IS THE QUESTION TODAY on this fantastic blog post. I think we read sad stories because maybe some people like sad stories, but do we always expect them to have sad ending? Not always. Having a sad story isn’t bad.




Word Nerd 1.7


Book: Wonder

Author: R. J. Palacio

Page #: 104


“This is called multifactorial inheritance.”

In Their Words

having or stemming from number of different causes or influences:

In My Words

Multiple Factors.

In Pictures


In the second tale, The Monster tells Conor about an apothecary and a parson, neither of which seem like great guys. At the end, when Conor expects to hear how the apothecary was punished, the Monster tells Conor that he punished the parson for giving up on his beliefs so easily, and even suggests that the parson’s daughters died because of the parson’s lack of belief.

This is an interesting topic Jimmy! Let’s talk about that on this thought out blog post!

I think that the Monster was right to punish the parson. He gave up everything he believed in, and if you truly did believe in something you wouldn’t give up on it at the first challenge that comes your way. I think the Apothecary was right to not help the parson’s daughters. He made the village angry at him, drove away his business. Why help someone who made your life harder?

Maybe that’s just me though.