Free Write – Not so happy Vacation

Every year me and my family go on vacation for Christmas. The family members that come with us are usually my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Niece and Nephew, and this is what we did this year. This year we decided to go on a cruise. To get on the ship we had to get to Long Beach. Usually this isn’t a problem, but this time we used an airline we don’t usually use. Allegiant Airline. We went to the Airport in Provo, and everything seemed okay. The plane got delayed for half an hour and we kind of just accepted that. Then the plane got delayed for another hour, we were a little scared but we accepted that as well. This continued until the plane was delayed by six hours! “Ahem!” someone on the announcer started talking. “We are sorry about this delay. We will make it up to you by getting pizza!” Honestly I didn’t think it was that big of a problem, but my mom was furious. She got up, out of her seat, and was acting like a tiger that hasn’t eating in a couple years. We saw her go up to the desk and yell at the people. We just let her do that to get her anger out because this happens often. We sat there waiting and wondering if we would make the ship. Anyways, the plane came eventually we got on and flew to long beach and everything was fine, but right when we got off we realized that we had less than an hour to get to the cruise ship. We were kind of blasting through the airport and we decided we would split up. Me, Mom, Sister and my Niece would go to the ship and try to stop them from leaving and my Dad, Brother and Nephew would get our luggage. We did that and got a Taxi after waiting another fifteen minutes. The Taxi driver didn’t know where to go but we eventually got to the dock where the cruise ship was waiting. We went on and they gave us our tickets, but where was the rest of the family? We called them and they told us horrible news…. The luggage machine had broken down and they had to wait for it to be fixed! The cruise was leaving in about twenty minutes we didn’t have time. They fixed the Baggage Claim and got a taxi, but the taxi driver had zero clue where he was going even though he had guaranteed them that he knew where he was going. They got to the dock and we heard a horrible sound. The alarm that the ship was leaving. The rest of the family got out of the Taxi and we all watched as the ship drifted away into the ocean. The ship was massive. It looked like it had 100 floors. A couple water toys and a bunch of safety boats hung off the side of this massive ship. Anything that came to that ship would be destroyed just by the sheer size of the ship. We all watched as it drifted away. “Well” started Mom. “Let’s find a hotel.”

Personal Narrative

My family and I go to Mazatlan (Mexico) at least once a year, usually at Christmas time. We own a condo in Mexico, and it is right in the middle of everything like shops, restaurants and museums. We decided to do something different this year, stuff like four wheeling, zip lining, hiking and seeing huge animals… The first thing we decided to do was look at the huge animals, and it was not a zoo. We got a taxi and drove through a jungle-like area. There was mud everywhere and lots of little puddles and pool with little tiny animals. After a couple harsh bumps in the muddy road we finally arrived at our destination. The taxi dropped us off, and in front of us was a gaping pit with stairs leading to the middle kind of like a stadium. In the very middle of the jungle stadium was a man and some sort of animal wrapped around his arms, being the seven year old I was I of course couldn’t see what was around his arms, maybe some sort of a rope. We all walked into the middle with the steep stairs, and the first thing I saw was a man with a really thick rope around his arm, but then I saw the rope was moving…
The “rope” I saw was a huge bird-eating snake! The snake snapped its mouth in our direction as if to say, “If you come near me you might die!” Snap! Went the snake’s mouth. I wasn’t sure what type of snake it was, but it was huge and ready to eat my face. “Would you like to hold it?” said the man, his voice was very raspy and kind of croaky. Unlike I usually do I politely declined. “Nonsense! Come on he won’t bite.” For some reason I felt otherwise. The man took the snake off of his shoulder, and kind of struggled in the process. He handed the 200 pound snake to me as if we wanted me, a seven year old kid, to hold it. What happened next I’m not very proud of. I guess you could say I kind of karate chopped the snake in the middle of both hands, and it bent and fell between his arms. The snake then decided now would be the perfect time for revenge dinner. He proceeded to slither at me and tried to bite my legs. At least I think it did, I was already turned around running so I didn’t see. I ran to the stairs and turned back around to see the snake in the man’s arm calmly staring into my soul. The man didn’t say anything, he just kind of looked at me like “You stupid stupid boy.” “Okay, thank you but we must be going now. Bye!” said my mom. We then walked out of the stadium and waited for a Taxi back to our condo. In the taxi we all had a conversation, “What was that?!” said my sister. “I wish I could tell you why I did that.” We arrived out our condo and enjoyed the rest of our vacation, I think I had a nightmare that same night about this moment but that’s a story for a different day. This was a very fun adventure, at least looking back at it. Even the scariest things you can look back at, and laugh!


About me

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Hello, my name is Jadynn Dean. I love spending time with family and friends, but mostly my sister. Sometimes we all go swimming and it’s super fun to swim with my family. I mostly stay inside but I love spending time outside as well. I also love to travel. Me and my family go to Mexico at least once a year and it’s so much fun. We usually just go shopping in Mexico but still it’s super fun. Cruise Ships are one of my favorite things to go on. I love being in the ocean even though I do get sick sometimes. My dad owns a boat that we go fishing on all the time! Fishing isn’t my favorite thing to do but my family is there so it’s worth it. One of my most favorite things to do is wake up in the mornings and eat waffles! Waffles are my favorite breakfast item thing, and my mom makes the best (I like breakfast :P)


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