The Good Stuff

To start off im thankful for my education, and im also thankful for everything that i get in life including my family and friends we may fight sometimes but thats okay because it just brings us closer in together. My education is important to me because i want to go to collage and get a good job and be able to travel places and go on vacation. Although life may be tough sometimes we always get through it with the help and support of family and friends. Im also thankful for everything that has happened in my life because i have learned from most of it and made mistakes that i am thankful for cause i learned from those as well, therefore always be thankful for what you got in life because some people might not have what you have.

What’s On My Mind?

There’s a lot on my mind, like things about friends and family but mostly the holidays i can’t wait till Christmas cause it is a holiday i spend with my family and i can’t wait for snow, and to go have snow ball fights and play in the snow and have hot coco and watch Christmas movies and get presents but mostly give presents cause giving makes me happy cause it makes others happy, Christmas is my 2nd favorite holiday my first is my birthday cause its on Cinco De Mayo (may 5th) and every year my dad makes a bunch of food we listen to music and we go to a movie and that’s all that’s on my mind.

What’s This Got To Do With Me?

In my story it was talking about how she was shocked at the news he told her and how she didn’t want to believe him she was thinking it was a dream and it wasn’t real, in reality when someone gives you news that it shocking you often tend to not believe or think that its not real, mainly when its news that you don’t or didn’t want to hear.It was also saying how she hit him on the head really hard and killed him, Sometimes when news are given to us that we don’t want to believe or don’t wanna think is real we strike out and do something me might regret and make a major mistake and cause something to happen that we didn’t want to happen. So therefore we can relate to story’s more than we think we can.

“Free! Body and soul free!”

There are many things that can make people feel trapped, such as parents, family, friends, and things many more things. There are tragic things that can cause someone manke someone feel very trapped and sometimes feel alone. The main thing that can make people deel trapped or alone is depression or bipolar or such things, also living conditions can make people feel trapped, not living in a good living space is bad for people cause it can make people miss out on many things in life and make them feel isolated and not know how to deal with things. Another big one is anxiety, that one can make people feel very alone and such.

What I’m Doing Right And What I Can Still Do Better

In my school life i’m doing good and i’m doing the right things but I can also do somethings better. Like for example, I can turn my homework in on time and I can do my homework at home instead of doing it the night before or the morning before. Getting good grades is the thing that matters the most right now and learning things and gaining knowledge is the other main factor that is important. But at the same time I need to have a social life and be able to communicate properly and be able to talk to teachers and my other peers. “Work hard for the things you want in life, shortcuts don’t always make you a winner.”

Who Am I As A Writer

I am a person who likes graphic novels and mystery’s and such,  Therefore I am a writer who likes to write about mystery and novels a person who likes to make a visual representation of the picture and story through words, I like to make what  I write logical. The first time I wrote a paper or story it was about something logical and scientific, when I first learned to write it was hard but now it has gotten easier. The more the practice the more the experience and knowledge of writing you will have. I have come far with my writing and I hope to go farther.

My Reading Journey

Way back then when I was a little tiny child, the first book i remember reading was about 5th or 6th grade and the book was called, Wayside stories from Wayside School. Many years before that I had read my first book in about 1st grade and it happened to be Doctor Suess, Green Eggs And Ham. since then reading has always been a thing I’ve done on my free time, But eventually  i out grew that phase and i am now more focused on school and so i don’t have much time to read at all, so that’s my reading  journey.