Blog #4

My country is Bhutan and when i was researching i found that, the populations is 754,394. The majority of the people live in Thimphu and its around 80 thousand. Another main city is Phuntsholina, it’s a really cool place and you can look at Crocodiles there. Also the main language they speak is called Dzongkha. […]

Final Book Club Project

The novel i was reading i really enjoyed because Veda has a strong passion and Dance and i also love to Dance, so i could relate to a bunch of things she was doing/ saying in the book. I loved how even though her mom didn’t really support her she kept dancing and chasing her […]

Book Club Response 2

At the part of the novel i was at in this part, is Veda is in the hospital and is currently recovering or trying to recover from her injuries. Some messages i can see coming up is Veda talking to her dance teacher. Days and days have passed and Veda’s dance teacher hasn’t came to […]

Book Club Response 1

What’s happened in this book so far, is Veda is very passionate about dance. She has done it all her life, but her mom isn’t supportive of her at all. Her mom grew up wanting to be an engineer but never got to, so that’s what she wanted for Veda. Veda grew up and danced […]

Hello world!

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