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What Kind of Writer Am I?

When I write, I feel like I do a pretty good job on grammar and punctuation. Writing an essay takes a lot of time and that after a while it can get really boring. Essay writing can be good for some things like how good you interpret something or how good you are at making something that sounds boring, into something interesting. I think I need to improve the most on not repeating something I already said in essay more than once. The way I can fix that is after I’m done writing something, I can go back and check it and make sure it’s something new and not just something I already said.

Why We Tell Stories

The reason why we tell stories is because it gives us something to do when we are bored. You could go to the movies or watch something on your TV and those will be based on a story. People enjoy doing those things and sometimes they don’t even think about the story behind what they are watching. When you are watching or reading something that fascinates you, then that makes you want more of what that thing is. When we tell or listen to stories, it gives us something to do and if we enjoy what we are watching or listening to then it makes us want more of it.

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