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What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

I’ve learned more about how open people actually are when you are actually talking to different people one on one and face to face. I have also learned about how much more information they are willing to give while you and the person you are talking to are talking. It’s better to sit down and have a full conversation with the person in real life than do it through something like your phone or an email. I don’t know a lot of things about most kids here at PGJR. I know quite a few people here but I never really talked to them each individually.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I wanted to be able to write essays a lot better than I could before. I think I’ve gotten better at it but I’m still not that good at writing them, The thing that I struggled with most was the ROAM and Predict thing. It took me forever and I didn’t really understand the point of it. Something I want to accomplish before the year is up is being able to read a book and not get bored of it really fast. I’ve only read 1 book on my own and the only other one besides that is To Kill A Mockingbird. I get bored of books fast so I don’t read a lot.

To Kill A Mockingbird Review

I think that the book started off really boring ,but the more we kept reading it and the more things that happened throughout the whole book made it a little better and more enjoyable in my opinion. The book is mainly about Tom Robinson and his allegations and Atticus defending him. That was the main point and there is a lot of other unnecessary stuff in there. I think the book kind of lives up to its reputation because there is some good parts, but most of it wasn’t needed and just extra stuff. I liked some parts of some parts about it like where they were in court and no one knew what the next person was going to say, but the parts I didn’t like were all the extra unnecessary stuff like Scout performing in a ham costume.

I think the film adaptation to the book was really accurate and seemed almost exactly like the book. It followed along well with the book and left out barely anything in it. It strengthened it by us being able to actually see what was happening instead of just picturing it in our heads. I couldn’t really find anything that was left out that was really important in the movie so I think it hit most of the main points pretty good.

Good Stuff

“If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head”. I think this means like whatever your actions are, the outcome of it will always be because of you. I think that this quote is meaningful because it’s your decisions that cause things to happen. Miss Rachel said that to Dill and Dill told to them. I think she said that because Atticus knows what will happen after he does this, but he does it anyways and she’s saying that whatever happens to him will be because of him. I picked it because I agree with this quote.

An Authority on Courage-Bob

Bob had to make a tough decision. His girlfriend was drowning in a swimming pool, but his best friend that he’s been friends with for almost his entire life is being held at gun point right now and he can only save one of them. I’ve been friends with him for so many years but that’s my girlfriend and I doubt I’ll ever get another one. I mean I guess I’ll just save my best friend because he won’t leave like most girls will. I grabbed the gun out of that guys hand and pointed it at him and said let go if Jimmy. Then he did and ran away. My girlfriend swam up from the pool and said this was just a test to see what you’d do and the she broke up with me because I didn’t save her. 

Real Courage

I think this definition is good but I don’t think that this is what courage is fully about. I think that what he says makes sense and can definitely fit in as a part of courage but I wouldn’t use just that phrase to define courage. I think courage is when there is something that you don’t want to do or doing something that scares you but you do it anyways because the outcome is good and so you can get over your fear of that thing that you were too scared to do before. Atticus’ definition of courage makes sense and it is good, but it’s not entirely the definition of courage, in my opinion.


I think it’s good that he is at least trying instead of doing nothing. I think it is worth it even though you know you’re going to lose because it let’s people know you care and in the end you will probably feel better about yourself. I think he should sacrifice as much as he wants because it is you that is going to be affected by this in some sort of way. Even though some people are going to give them a hard time, I think he should still do it because it shows that he doesn’t care about what others think.

To Kill A Mocking Bird–So Far

While reading this book in class, I think it’s really boring and that we should read another book like Dr. Seuss books or something better. I don’t think I like anything about it other than the fact that Mr. Green reads it in that Southern accent. What I dislike about this book is that it’s so boring and everything just moves so slow and it takes forever to get from one idea to another. I haven’t seen anything in this book while we’re reading that justifies why this book is so popular. I don’t think it lives up to the hype because a lot of people describe this book in a way that makes it sound way better than it actually is. I don’t know what to expect next in this book.

Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

What Atticus means by saying this is that it would make more sense if Scout shows empathy and see things the way her teachers seeing it. This would help Scout get along better with other people because she’ll be able to understand what other people are going through, which will help her know why they acted the way they did in that certain situation. It helps people get along better with others and know where they are coming from.I think this whole idea is good because showing empathy towards others is something that everyone should do because it helps everyone get along better.


Empathy is when you actually are able to feel what someone else is feeling. Being able to feel what someone else is feeling is a good thing because then you can help them because you understand what’s happening a lot more. I think people need empathy because it’ll help them get through a lot more problems. One time I’ve had empathy was when my brother got grounded. I was like “that sucks” because when I get grounded I don’t like it and I was able to remember the feeling of being grounded because he got grounded. It was only for a day so he was fine.


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