Day #2

Today I worked on a tapping sequence, both ascending and descending down the D-string. I originally intended this to be in a series of quintuplets, and I am still working on the rhythm. This riff is in the D-minor phrygian scale, aka D double harmonic minor, aka the Egyptian scale.

Day 1

I wrote a few riffs on guitar and finished out the chorus of my first song.

Brandon and I discussed ideas for other songs that we want to write for our album.

The Pitch:

My passion belongs to music and music alone. Every spare minute of everyday, I am looking for an excuse to play my guitar, sing, write music, play my cello, play my double bass, or play my bass guitar. Constantly my mind is occupied by music; songs, playing, writing, you name it. I am doing a collaborative project with Brandon Wootton, in which we hope to create an album. Brandon and I are in a band together, and we have been experimenting with music writing ever since we created the band. It is definitely a helpful experience to have, especially for our future careers in music.

I have four questions that I hope I can have answered are:

  1. How does one write a song with time efficiency?
  2. What goes into writing a solid melody that conveys the ideas I want to portray?
  3. What makes a song flow well?
  4. How do I spread the word about our band?

Once these three questions are answered, our songwriting model will be extremely streamlined.

I hope our project can live to inspire young musicians such as myself to go above and beyond and realize there is always hope in any community (such as music) when you are young.

I have access to many experts on music, including David Beck, Randy Mott, Rob Chapman, and Dave Wilbur. They should help us greatly with our project.