The Grand Finale

I chose this SIPS project because I have a deep and devout passion for music. All I want in my entire life is to write music and become a great musician. I wanted to show people that you can, indeed, pursue your dreams, however impossible they may seem. The chances of succeeding and becoming the best are well below 1%, but that is where you come in. In order to be the best and to accomplish your life goals, you have to go that extra mile, you have to make sacrifices, and you have to put every ounce of your being into accomplishing that goal. In order to become the best, you must first be the best you can be. I hope that anyone who has those crazy dreams can find inspiration from this project.

Most of the work for this project was done at Brandon’s house and at school. We both put in many, many hours, and it was very much worth every second of it. Brandon was the only person in this project, so he helped me with everything.

The hardest part of our project was recording actual songs. It is exhausting in all aspects; mentally, emotionally, and physically. But we worked through it, take after take. Although we didn’t get around to recording any of my songs due to lack of time, Brandon recorded nearly all of the songs he wanted to record. The only way we worked through the monotonous hours of recording was to get right down and do it, take by take.

The biggest success in this project was the phenomenal increase in my ability to write music. I got it down to a routine, cut out my flaws, and streamlined the mental process. Although it took me a long while to figure it out, I found my biggest mistake was trying to fit too many ideas in one song. But the success came when I worked past that. It definitely made me feel amazing to know how far I’ve come.

I learned that however much of an independent worker, thinker, and writer I am, things can get done a whole lot faster with teamwork. This was definitely something that I have struggled with for a while, but after being able to sit down and write a song with Brandon in anytime between half an hour to no more than 10 minutes, I have definitely been enlightened to the amazing productivity of multiple minds. This is a skill I will continually use throughout my life and my career.

I was able to attend the SIPS showcase. I was very inspired by certain projects and they really made me contemplate working on things that matter to me and things that (however hard or boring they may be) benefit my whole life, work ethic, overall character, and experience.


SIPS Day Number 8

Today Brandon and I discussed the recording of songs for our album. I made a list of all of my individually composed songs that I need to wrap up for recording, and I formatted one of them today. I, re-wrote a bass guitar riff for the guitar and used that to finish the formatting of that song, which is in 12/8.

I loved participating in SIPS because it gave me real-life experience in the field of music. It has driven my passion for pursuing a career in music writing.

I wish I could have been more organized and planned out my SIPS days in advance.

My 7th SIPS

Today Brandon and I created a transition riff from the verse to the chorus of one of our collaborative songs. We also discussed recording techniques, times, and places, and we decided we have to record the songs in one sitting at my father’s house. By next time I want to have finished two songs; the collaborative and one of my independent works.

5th SIPS, Ma Dudes

Today I discussed a few of Brandon and I’s songs that we want on the album. I also came up with a riff and chord progression on the cello that I transcribed for the guitar. My goal for next time is to have this song complete with a chorus (which I already have ideas for). Brandon and I also discussed the classical nature of the piece and how we want a solo cello intro that sets up exactly like a classical song, but then suddenly trade melodic lines with a distorted guitar that is reminiscent of the intro (this will be a rock song). I evaluated Henry M.’s SIPS.

4th Sips Day

Today I left my guitar at home, so I review old song ideas that Brandon and I created a while ago. I evaluated the strength of the songs’ structures and if they were high enough quality to be placed on our album. We discussed recording the songs and how many songs we had available. The number still varies. By next time, I want to finish a song or two that can be a part of our album. Next time, I will bring my guitar AND my cello. I hope to create a new and interesting chord progression that flows and stick to simple melodies.

Sips Day 3…

Today was weird. There were some people talking to Brandon and I, and I was slightly distracted. Today I attempted to right down a guitar riff on Noteflight, but I could not get it to sound correct. I wanted to blend it into my first song, but I couldn’t quite mix the different musical ideas. I also had a realization that I did not like my chorus that I had originally written. By next time, I wish to have an organized song structure with an improved chorus. On a scale of 1 to 5, my time management was a 3.2. I am considering using my new riff for a different song.

Day #2

Today I worked on a tapping sequence, both ascending and descending down the D-string. I originally intended this to be in a series of quintuplets, and I am still working on the rhythm. This riff is in the D-minor phrygian scale, aka D double harmonic minor, aka the Egyptian scale.

Day 1

I wrote a few riffs on guitar and finished out the chorus of my first song.

Brandon and I discussed ideas for other songs that we want to write for our album.

The Pitch:

My passion belongs to music and music alone. Every spare minute of everyday, I am looking for an excuse to play my guitar, sing, write music, play my cello, play my double bass, or play my bass guitar. Constantly my mind is occupied by music; songs, playing, writing, you name it. I am doing a collaborative project with Brandon Wootton, in which we hope to create an album. Brandon and I are in a band together, and we have been experimenting with music writing ever since we created the band. It is definitely a helpful experience to have, especially for our future careers in music.

I have four questions that I hope I can have answered are:

  1. How does one write a song with time efficiency?
  2. What goes into writing a solid melody that conveys the ideas I want to portray?
  3. What makes a song flow well?
  4. How do I spread the word about our band?

Once these three questions are answered, our songwriting model will be extremely streamlined.

I hope our project can live to inspire young musicians such as myself to go above and beyond and realize there is always hope in any community (such as music) when you are young.

I have access to many experts on music, including David Beck, Randy Mott, Rob Chapman, and Dave Wilbur. They should help us greatly with our project.