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I think when you believe in something you can not stop believing in that one thing. If you give up easily then you can’t ever do anything. Like when we all learned how to walk and talk if we would have given up on the first couple try’s than none of us could walk or talk. I think to stay true to your beliefs you need to never give up and to always believe in that belief you have. I also thin that this all has to d with Conner and all his family because

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The meaning of stories

Why we read stories when they don’t have a lesson is because they always have a lesson even if someone says they don’t they always do also the characters make up the lessons in the story or then author wants us to figure out the lesson by our selves.  When the monster tells the story to Conner and says there is no lesson there is one the monster might want Conner to find out the lesson or make up his own.think why the tree keeps coming to Conner is for a lesson that Conner needs to learn or make up from the stories and everything that is happening to him is happening for a reason.

How I survive hard things

How i survive hard things is going out into nature and getting some air I love going outside and going for a run or just sitting and thinking I can think a lot better when I am outside. I love anything I can do outside I love feeling the breeze and the sun. I can think a lot better if I am outside. I can also read a book outside. If it is to cold outside then I like to read inside and forget about everything going on around me and pay attention to the book.  Or I can draw. I can draw what I am feeling and then ask myself why I a feeling that way and try and fix it. Those are some things I do when I am having a hard time.

Deep thinker 2.1

Source: The other side of the sky              Author: Farah Ahmedi


Quote: “Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering.”


Context:  She is having a hard time because of what happened to her and she feels alone and feels like giving up and  she feels defeated but she knows she can’t give up.

This made me think: I choose this quote because I think it is true and it is an amazing quote. Know matter how much you feel like giving up you can’t because all though hard things happen they are what make you who you are and who you are going to become but if you give up than you don’t get any were and you won’t accomplish any thing because you choose to give up. That is why I love this quote.

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Book review 2.1

What I read:

Title: The other side of the sky.                             Author: Farah Ahmedi               Number of pages: 249   Rating 5/5


How it starts: The main character is Farah. She wants a normal life. The setting is her on a roller costar and she almost jumps off because of a flash back she had but her friend stops her in time.

How it gets complicated: Her leg is standing in the way because of what happened and the war now she knows it is not normal for war to be happening and for bombs to be going off.

What I liked: I love that this book make you be thankful for what you have because she lost important things in her life and it is sad but after I read this book I was grateful for what I have and the people I have in my life.

What I disliked: I disliked how it started.  It started with her on the roller costar but I wish it started with the story of what happened to her.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to any one who likes a short story but a good one. Also anyone who likes a more serious book. Also a book about war and how some people when they were little they thought it was normal because it happened so often.

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The book thief film review

What the movie did well:

I think what the movie did well on was that it had a lot of different things than the book and it was interesting to see what happens in the movie when you are thinking about what happens in the book.


What the movie did poorly on:

I think what could have been fixed was that it left out some important details like Leisel running through the Jews and she finds Max. I think some of the details it left out were to important to the story for them to leave out.


Ways the movie was like the book:

I think some of the things that were the same as in the book were when she looked through the Jews and did not find Max the first time and when she got caught and got thrown to the ground.


Ways the movie was not like the book:

Some way the movie was not like the book are the movie never showed Liesel going through the Jews a second time. Also it left out Rudy saying it is not fair that your dad gets to come home and mine dose not.


What i thought of the movie overall:

I thought this movie was amazing I loved how all the People in it looked. Also I love what the story is about with Hitler and the Jews.

The power of words

I think the tree is like a path going against Hitler and so he and all his people want to chop it down so that no one will go against him but he can not cut it down because not every one agrees with him and Liesel is kind of like there leader and when Max leaves she does not have a lot of reasons to protect the Jews even though she wants to she can;t when he leaves the tree has no one because every one left so it shows all the wounds and then it falls but it creates a path for anyone who wants to follow Liesel and as it falls Liesel moves on but people will follow her.


Words have so much power a type of bulling happens with words and words can hurt but they can make you stronger. You can choose to use words in a good way or bad way. They both have  a lot of power you can build someone up or break them down all by using words. I think words realtw to Liesel because Hitlers words make  a lot of people stand with him all because of words. Liesel chooses not to listen to those words and not to follow him.

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You’ve got a friend in Rudy

I think why he dose all these nice things like sticking up for Tommy is because he is a very nice character and he cares a lot about his friends and family.  He has shown that he will do almost anything for Liesel and his other friends he even risks getting in trouble from stealing with Liesel it is kind of like he dose not care all he wants to do is to protect her and make sure she dose not get into any big trouble.  I think that in the future Liesel and Rudy will find out that they do like each other.

A little light in the darkness

What I do to find light in the darkness is I read books or I can always talk to a teacher, Or a family member, or a friend. They always help me out. I can also draw or do any kind of craft. These are only some things that help me I have a lot of them to help me when I feel like there is no light in the darkness but there always is and there are a lot of things that help every one. I have had some really hard times but I have gotten through them all with all of these  things that work for me. The thing that helps me the most though is nature I love going outside and I could spend hours out there it relaxes me and makes me feel happy.

A book thief is born

Liesel has changed so much in this book already she went from being shy and she did not want to talk to anyone and she could not read she was a very innocent little girl she was scared to do anything bad. Then when she went the the Hubermanns house she learned how to read and she met Rudy. She also started stealing food and books. She is not starving she is doing it for fun. Now she is a lot different. I wonder if she did not meet the Hubermanns would she be like this now? I a exited to see everything she does next and how she could change in the future. I want to see if she goes back to be innocent or if she stays like this.