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The power of words

I think the tree is like a path going against Hitler and so he and all his people want to chop it down so that no one will go against him but he can not cut it down because not every one agrees with him and Liesel is kind of like there leader and when Max leaves she does not have a lot of reasons to protect the Jews even though she wants to she can;t when he leaves the tree has no one because every one left so it shows all the wounds and then it falls but it creates a path for anyone who wants to follow Liesel and as it falls Liesel moves on but people will follow her.


Words have so much power a type of bulling happens with words and words can hurt but they can make you stronger. You can choose to use words in a good way or bad way. They both have  a lot of power you can build someone up or break them down all by using words. I think words realtw to Liesel because Hitlers words make  a lot of people stand with him all because of words. Liesel chooses not to listen to those words and not to follow him.

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You’ve got a friend in Rudy

I think why he dose all these nice things like sticking up for Tommy is because he is a very nice character and he cares a lot about his friends and family.  He has shown that he will do almost anything for Liesel and his other friends he even risks getting in trouble from stealing with Liesel it is kind of like he dose not care all he wants to do is to protect her and make sure she dose not get into any big trouble.  I think that in the future Liesel and Rudy will find out that they do like each other.

A little light in the darkness

What I do to find light in the darkness is I read books or I can always talk to a teacher, Or a family member, or a friend. They always help me out. I can also draw or do any kind of craft. These are only some things that help me I have a lot of them to help me when I feel like there is no light in the darkness but there always is and there are a lot of things that help every one. I have had some really hard times but I have gotten through them all with all of these  things that work for me. The thing that helps me the most though is nature I love going outside and I could spend hours out there it relaxes me and makes me feel happy.

A book thief is born

Liesel has changed so much in this book already she went from being shy and she did not want to talk to anyone and she could not read she was a very innocent little girl she was scared to do anything bad. Then when she went the the Hubermanns house she learned how to read and she met Rudy. She also started stealing food and books. She is not starving she is doing it for fun. Now she is a lot different. I wonder if she did not meet the Hubermanns would she be like this now? I a exited to see everything she does next and how she could change in the future. I want to see if she goes back to be innocent or if she stays like this.

Max abandoned his family

I think when Max left his family it was a bad and good move. I think this because when he did this he is safe so maybe he can save his family and he can not do that if he is in a consentration camp. I also think that when he did this his family might be upset because he just left them there to get caught. He just left them there to be taken away well he is in a house were he is being treated good. Also maybe his family is not mad at him maybe they just want to see him again. The bad part about what he did is he might not ever see them again they might all be dead. He might not ever see any of his family ever again.

A good women in a Crisis

I think that Rosa Hubermann is mean at the begging at the book she is hitting leisel and she is calling every one names even her husband she has also beaten lieisel. As time goes on she gets a little bit nicer but she is still kind of mean she still bosses every one around mainly lesiel but sometimes other people to. I think it is intersting that death describes her as a good women in a crisis  when death used to call her the iron fist. Even though Rosa Hubermann is mean at the begging of the book thief she gets a little bit nicer but i think she might even get even nicer to everyone around her but maybe she will get even more mean then she was in the begging. 

My Identity as a reader

When ever I read a book I am a slower reader but i like me reading slower because if I do then I can really understand what I am reading. If I read faster then sometimes I don’t understand what is going on. Sometimes all I want to do is read a different book then the one i am reading because I get board of that one or I maybe just want a new book. Even if I love the book i am reading I could still get board and I want to read a different kind of book then i am reading. This is my identity as a reader.


I think when Liesel steals it is not okay. She is stealing from poor people she is not even starving she has some food but she seals because she just wants more. Some people don’t have that much food and she is stealing that food that they do have and she dose not need it. When she steals books it dose not make sense because she can go get more from the mayors wife’s library so she is talking books from people when she could go get one. Maybe she likes stealing or something like that because she keeps doing it and she dose not need to. That is what think about Lielse stealing.

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Deep Thinker #5

Source: Twilight

Author: Stephanie Meyer

Page: 544Image result for pic of twilight cover of the book


Quote:   “I said it would be better if we weren’t friends, not that I didn’t want to be.”


Context: This is when Bella meets Edward and he does not want her to fall into deep because he does not want anything to happen so he tries to not be around her but he can not help it he has to be around her. After he says something that is kind of rude she stays away from her and he says this quote and wants to be around her.


This makes me think: I chose this quote because sometimes we have to do things that are better for us but maybe they could hurt other people which is sad but sometimes we have to do things we don’t want but sometimes if we don’t do those things they could hurt us. Like how Edward thought it would help Bella but she still wanted to be around him and it did not hurt her in the way thought it would.


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Deep Thinker #4

Source: TwilightImage result for pic of twilight cover of the book

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Page: 544


Quote:   “What if I’m not a superhero. What if I’m the bad guy?”


Context: When this quote is said by Edward he is talking to Bella and this is when she is finding out that he is different and when she meets him he does not want her to get to close and find out something she might not want to know. He is also scared of losing her he wants to keep her in his life but does not want her to know until later.


This makes me think: I chose this passage because I really like how sometimes we think that we can be the bad guy when we really are the opposite. Like how Edward thought Bella was going to think that he was horrible for want he is. She does not think that she falls in love. I think that it depends on the person to decide if you are bad and it also depends on you also.

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