I’m A Big Kid Now

This school year has been really fun and now it’s about to end, and we will be going to 10th grade at the High school. This year has changed me a lot by what new stuff iv’e learned, and all the new friendships that iv’e gained. I’ve grown both as a person, and as a student, iv’e also become more responsible in my life, and trustworthy. What I accomplished in 9th grade is first I made the PG golf team, and 2nd I think I became better friends with people in my grade. I am very different then what I used to be, just like everyone else.

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun; Secrets Secrets Hurt Someone

The title of this post is about secrets, because in the book Romeo and Juliet are keeping secrets from everyone around them when they could have told someone about it and they could have helped them out with that problem. I think people keep secrets from others for many different reasons like for example, people keep secrets because they think they might get in trouble, or maybe that person would be embarrassed. What i’ve learned is that everyone has secrets, sometimes it’s better to not tell someone your secret if it might offend someone, but if you have a secret that’s really important and is life changing then you should tell someone you really trust and they might help you out a lot with your problem.

Love Moderately

In the play Romeo and Juliet, Friar lawrence gives a piece of advice to Romeo and Juliet before they get married telling them ”These violent delights have violent ends,  And in their triumph die; like fire and powder,  Which, as they kiss, consume. The sweetest honey Is loathsome is his own deliciousness, And in the taste confounds the appetite.  Therefore love moderately: long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.” What I think friar lawrence is trying to tell them is they should love each, and not use any violence towards each other, or their families. I think Romeo and Juliet will listen to Friar Lawrences advice and love each other, no matter what happens between their families.


The title of this blog post is Hatred. Hatred is a very strong word meaning you don’t like that person in any way possible. Everyone in there life has been hated or hated another person. Some people hate others for no good reason like, maybe they have a friend who hates them so you just decide to hate them too, or if they are better than you at something like a sport, school, etc. Others hate people for reasons like they were mean to you at one point, or they did something rude to your friends. The thing is you need to forget about hating people and just hang out and talk to them more so you get to now them better and then maybe you’ll really like them.


What Happened With The Sub

What I did was read during reading time, and then just work on my blog post, and on annotating. I don’t think I ever got off task, or started talking about something off topic. What Happened to the sub was during reading time she kept looking at people who were reading, and doing what they were supposed too. Then, when we had to do the blog post she kept telling us that we had to write a 150 word blog post. After that she when we were annotating she would get really mad at people and then she had almost the whole class write their name on a piece of paper. That’s pretty much all I remember.


Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

Everything I know or Think I know About Shakespeare, I really, and honestly don’t know anything about Shakespeare. I do know that he is a famous English poet, playwright, and an actor. I also know he wrote the story Romeo and Juliet which is a famous story about this girl and this guy who fall in love and then end up dying for each other. He also, wrote the stories Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth. William Shakespeare ended up marrying Anne Hathaway at the age of 18, and had 3 children with her. Well that’s pretty much all I know about Shakespeare.

How I Feel About To Kill A Mockingbird

How I feel about to kill a mockingbird, I really enjoyed this book because it’s a good mystery and it also shows a little bit of how life was like back then with racism, and about the great depression. At first, I didn’t really like the book because it was kind of boring to me but, when it got to Tom Robinson and about the court I started to enjoy it a lot more. I also, really like how the author made all the characters so different with their beliefs. So, I would recommend this book” To kill a mockingbird” to everyone.


Good Stuff From To Kill A Mockingbird

Good stuff from to kill a mockingbird, the quote i’m doing is from Miss Maudie saying ”We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” page#246. I chose this quote because it means that your taking a step forward even though it’s not a giant leap your still moving forward, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you as long as your still moving forward instead of backward. This quote also means that some people just need more time to take a step forward, to take a step into the light. That’s what I think this quote means.

Blind Spots

In the book ”To kill A Mockingbird” Chapter 16 Atticus says ”Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man, ‘he just has his blind spots along with the rest of us.’ Jem spoke. ‘Don’t call that a blind spot. He’da killed you last night when he first went there.'” What this means is can someone still be a good person even if they wanted to kill you or someone else? What I think is yes, someone can still be a good person, sometimes people just do bad things because of peer pressure or they just grew up that way. But, someone can always change their ways, or fix their wrong ways.


Real Courage

Real Courage

In the book ”To kill a mockingbird” Atticus wanted to teach Jem about Real Courage. So, he has Jemgo over to Mrs. Dubose house and read to her every afternoon for 2 hours straight. What Atticus is trying to teach … Continue reading