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In ancient times, a man named Izanagi was in heaven looking down on the earth. He dipped his jeweled spear into the pool and when a droplet fell from it, it created an island. When Izanagi met up with his lover Izanami they married and created the other seven islands of Japan. Along with this they created the seasons, mountains, and everything in nature. After this, Izanami died of a burning fever and Izanagi was left heartbroken. Crazed with grief and love for his dead wife, Izanagi searched the underworld to see her one last time. When he saw her, he was horrified to see that she had become a rotting corpse. Embarrassed by Izanagi seeing her, Izanami vowed that 1,000 people in Japan would die as revenge for Izanagi seeing her.

Describing how Izanami looked in the underworld painted the picture of what it was like to see her after she died. Another thing that helped to understand what was going on was how the author described when Izanagi created Japan and how he did it was really nice.

The adjectives they used in the legend helped paint a vivid picture of everything that was going on in the story. It was complex but also easy to understand in the text. They didn’t use repetition too much which made it easy to read and understand and they also used adjectives that helped describe what they were seeing in the story.

The theme/main idea is how the world and the underworld were separated and how that came to be. The legend told the story of Izanagi and Izanami and how they were married, separated, and divorced because of the death of Izanami. I could clearly see this in the text because it was painting a picture in my head and it also told me that that was the legend’s theme/main idea.

I saw Japans culture in the legend a lot because of the things they talked about. The first one I saw was the jeweled spear that Izanagi dipped in the earth to create Japan. The next one I saw was the way the author described the earth and also how they told the story of the underworld.

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