Busy Worrying About the Next World

I think that what Ms. Maudie Atkinson is trying to say is that there is a balance that some people take religion too far. Religion is a good thing but anything even good things taken too far can be harmful to yourself and to others. I like this idea because it helps people to understand that we should be careful how we use our religion and be certain we aren’t accidentally or purposely hurting someone we don’t want to. We should be accepting of other people and be able to get along with them no matter what background or faith they are.

Climbing Into Another Person’ts Skin

Atticus Tells scout that when you are in a situation where you are frustrated with someone all you have to do is try to see it from there perspective. Or in other words “climb into their skin and walk around in it.” I think that if people can do this more that we as a whole will be more understanding and not hurt others unintentionaly. I beleive that people will love others and love where they live and who is around them. It can help in any friendship or relationship or if you just whant to get to know a person.

Where I’m From

My family comes from Scotland almost completely on both sides of my family. Interestingly enough the Stirling Clan and the Oliphant Clan were very good allies and helped each other get through the hard times. My family came here with the Pioneers that came to settle in the valley. We have been here for a couple generations in Pleasant Grove, and we really like it here. I have many great ancestors and I really like knowing where I come from or my heritage. I think that knowing where you come from is a good thing and that we should be proud to represent our ancestors.

Getting to know my inner voice

Honestly this book isn’t really that bad. I don’t really like it but I don’t hate it either. My inner voice is pretty good at staying focused on my work. Unless I am exhausted in which case it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t help but it doesn’t hinder either it is just simply not there. My inner voice is really helpful. It can store a bit of information in case I might need it later. It can store a question and things that go along with that question. All someone has to do is to focus on the book and then if you do that for long enough the inner voice will start to become helpful.

What Would I Miss Most?

If I lived in the time of the great depression I think what I would miss the most would be air conditioning or cars. Air conditioning is the greatest thing ever. It can be 100 degrees outside but in your house it can be 60 degrees at the same time. Also cars are so cool. I know that they had cars in the 1930’s but there is nothng like a good truck or an old volswagon beetle in your garage that you help your brother fix. Something that I take for granted that we have is computers. Isn’t it amazing that you can look something up on line and imediatly get about 100 or more of the most searched results.

What Went Wrong?

I think that one thing that might have goine wrong was the fact that people love to try to find ways that they are better than someone else. So, I think that it was part pride and part jelousy that made it so hard for the black citizens of this country to get the rights that they deserved and needed.¬† Not only blacks but for women as well. The sentence said “All men are created equal.” So someone can argue that women are not included giving people a way to say that they are better than someone else. Honestly it is kind of sad.

Everything I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know About the People I Know

My person¬† for the Humans of PGJR. Assignment was Jonny Gatica. I realized that even though he looks American he is 50% Peruvian. I think that that is really cool. Another thing I didn’t know about Jonny was that he wants to play professional soccer and win the world cup for Peru. Another thing about Jonny is that he likes technology and maybe wants to go into tech when he grows up. Also, he wants to have the honor to replace Coach Boban as the P.E. teacher at this school. Jonny if he had the choice he would change his appearance to reflect his Peruvian side instead of his American side.

A Whole New Year

I don’t think that I am going to be able to do this but I would like to make the jump from champ to pro in clogging. I also want to get in to the habit of practicing the bassoon. I just need to work harder and to make time to practice. I hope that I can get better at writing because I don’t have very good handwriting and I would like to fix that. I can type reasonably fast and for the first year I would like to complete the 50 book chalenge. I hope that I can find the time to do everything I want to.

Halfway Gone

I’ve found that most of my favorite teachers seem to teach subjects that I don’t really like. Take Mr. Green for example, I don’t like english but I love Mr. Green. It’s almost like “teach something that I like and I would love you even more.” I do like reading though. I’ve never really been good at writing (especially suspense) so honestly I’m kind-of surprised at the fact of how many blog posts I have written and how many essays I have done. To be honest I haven’t done a bad job this semester, there are definitely plenty of things I need to work on but overall I would say not bad. (Picture is my favorite book)

The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

The story that I liked the most was probably the veld. I didn’t really like it that much. What it is about is a couple of kids who eventually murder their parents. I don’t like the idea but it was the best written and had the most suspense and build up. Also, I didn’t have a very good time in this unit. I think the best reason that I liked this one is that I liked this one more was that it was reasonably long. I like longer books. I do like the idea of the high tech house and nursery.