To kill a Mockingbird Review

I liked book because it shows just how judgmental people can be about another person. In the book it explain’s pretty clearly that Tom Robinson didn’t do anything to Mayella but the jury was so concerned that he was black that they looked passed the obvious right and chose the wrong. The book did not live up to its expectation because it was too confusing with all those crazy words and what not. I really did not like the wording because it made it really hard to understand what the heck they were saying the whole time. I would recommend this to my English teacher because I just get the feeling that he would like to read it over and over.

I really liked how well it showed the characters emotions like when Mr. Ewell spat in Atticus’s face you could see the anger on his face but he calmed himself down and drove away. The film also did a very good job of showing how incapable Tom was of hurting Mayella but the people still only saw his color so they thought he should be punished. The movie did miss a bunch of stuff and it really didn’t talk that much about their feelings it just showed us, but that can be very hard to do because we can’t see their thoughts. I would recommend the movie to my grandma because shes old.

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good stuff

I chose this, “Don’t fool yourselves–it’s all adding up and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it” said by Atticus. What this is saying is that with racism all of the stuff we say is building up and eventually its all gonna back fire. This is very well said because eventually it did all backfire and now other races in America have rights, and we have a national shame for what we did and said. I think later in the book it will show up and some of the African Americans will be mad and get some rights.

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An Authority on Courage

Hello Elijah’s friend, I am Forrest Gump and I was in a war, but not just any war. I was in Vietnam. Back in Nam I saw a bunch of my buddies get killed by some bombs. I was running away when I realized that I had left my best friend behind, so I turned around and picked him up and brought him to safety. While I was saving him I saw some of my fellow soldiers on the floor dying so I saved them too. Now I know that your in need of some courage, so if I had any advise for you, It would be to go to Nam.

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Real courage

I believe that courage is when you know your about to do something that might not be a good idea but you do it anyway because it is good for you. Like if someone were to be bullied and you saw, would you have courage and stand up for the person being bullied, or would you be a coward and walk away and pretend it did not happen? To have courage you need to be able to make the right decision and help out the person in need even if your friends or family think you are weird for it.

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Climbing into other peoples skin

What climbing in someone else’s skin means is to think about what they are going through and try to understand it so that you do not judge them. This helps people get along better because they try to understand before judge and mostly makes the judgement nicer. This is not illegal because you are not actually climbing into another persons skin. sometimes I try to walk in someone else’s skin and It really makes me feel better about talking to them and judging them, this is very helpful and it does help you look at things more positively, and make some friends.



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I think that empathy is not just the ability to see that people are going through something, but to know what they are feeling through experience. It is very important to give the person help instead of tell them what to do. When I was in 6th grade my sister got married and she was very happy, but I had never been married before so I did not really care. On this same occasion my dad was sad that she was moving in with her husband so I showed some empathy for him because I knew what he was going through.

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how I did last semester

I Elijah J Riggs, did very well last semester because I got a B witch is quite well for a little guy like me. My greatest success was probably how well I did on assignments, and other stuff. I did however struggle with getting things in on time but that did not matter in the end, because i did well. I will definitely do better with turning stuff in on time this semester because I will start to do it at home when it is not finished. I will try to at least get a A minus this semester and I will do it by doing the work.

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Design thinking

Using design thinking helps us actually try, then see the feedback, and improve. We can use this in our futures when we are business men and women, trying to improve a company, or going on a diet. By seeing what we have done we can see what was wrong. change it and try again then we can get better results. If you are in a company that is trying to sell something you can give people a sample of the product and see what they like and don’t like about it, after that you can fix what you did wrong and make it better for the customer.Image result for i phone 8

Promoting Change

It is our responsibility to promote change because if we young people don’t then who will, the old people expect the millennials to do it all or the adults other than them. If there is something bad in our country, we have the right to vote to change it. If there were a person who wasn’t very nice to someone at work you can step up and change that. If some principals took something away like flex, it is our job to step up and get it back for our self’s, and if we can’t do it than the adults can.

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Thanksgiving Words of the Week

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I normally love it, because I get to eat a ton of food and hang out with close family. I was sitting at the table while my mom was making the dinner and I was super excited to eat when there was a knock on the door, I went to open it and when I did my heart sank. I saw all of my cousins sitting there and most of them were younger than 10, I was extremely repugnant with the sight. I guess I had to let them in so I did then I saw my brother at the top of the stairs and he was just as ticked as I was. He and I left to the basement reclusively because we knew just how loud it would be all nightImage result for crying kids