blog #2 steelhearts backstory

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Steelheart was already having a bad day and it wasnt getting better. he wass on his way to class to present his project just when someone bumped into him. “arg!!!” steelheart said. “you made me drop all my stuff my project is runied!”. The other student ran away everyone feared him. steelheart decided to drive home because his project was messed up. on his way home he got into a car accident.  right as the collsion happend everything around him turned to steel something changed inside him no one would stop him he would make this city his…

about my reading

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I started my reading passion in 3rd grade. i started with magic tree house then i got into the book series warriors. after that i have been a huge brandon mull fan i love most if not all of his books. my favorite series is fablehaven or rangers apprentice

Hello world!

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