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in Iran at the moment, trump is trying to go to war with them. this is 16 years after iraq but now we are may be going to war with Iran. the issue with this is that its war. we dont want to be in war with anyone. or maybe we do. honestly this isnt gov and cit so im not sure. we havent talked about it in that class…

Blog 2 so once upon a time, there was a country in asia called iran, this country was treated poorly by our country, America,  iran just wanted to be friends with america and have someone to trust but they couldnt do this until america apologiesed for the way the treated them. so until they do that things will stay the same.


I wanted to do Iran for this project because I wasn’t here the day we picked our countries so it was the only on left that I knew how to say. so here i am now. I want to learn how living in Iran looks. what the culture is like. I wonder what their main religion is and how it works for them

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