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In this article, it talks about how the new prime minister issued an order where the tax on sugar was drastically decreased in order to gain more support for him. Countless people in Sri Lanka are upset with this, especially the people who specialize in the medical field, because the prime minister did not talk with the medical specialists to see if this was a good decision for the people’s health. Considering that a majority of deaths is due to diabetes and other health issues, it is evident that the citizens of Sri Lanka do not want this problem to reoccur, resulting in an increase of deaths.

This helps me understand that Sri Lanka is wealthier than I thought. They are able to change the tax on sugar in order to gain support for the prime minister, and it won’t affect many things except for the health of the citizens. It is clear they have an issue with obesity, so they have enough food in Sri Lanka, and enough resources. This impacts the world by showing that the United States is not the only country with health problems because of overeating, and other countries may need help with these issues, even if it’s not as bad there.

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