empathy is understanding someone elses feelings and being able to relate with them. i think that it is important for people to have, because it helps us be a little more ‘human’. its nice to have because you can feel like other people care about you when you’re having a hard time, or even if youre just happy that something good happened.

since me and my best friend (averie kristina giles) and i are basically the same person its really easy for us to have empathy for each other. a lot of the time when shes sad about something or if im sad about something its easy to have empathy because we understand what its like, and if we have a success its really nice to have someone who will celebrate it with you. i think that it really helps people to connect when they have empathy for someone, because they can relate to them and that can make friendships and relationships stronger.


Image result for stick figures hugging

(this picture is of people hugging btw)

(do you even art?)



  1. thats really awesome that you have a best friend who will help you through anything.

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