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I personally really liked the poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes. It was an interesting poem with  a very important meaning behind it. This poem shows how little african americans were able to even say back then. They all had dreams just like everyone else but they could never talk about them or  share them with other people to the point where they would just let go of them and they didn’t have any other dreams. I like how at the end of the poem it says , “Or does it explode?” I think this shows how they had to hold everything in until i’m sure a lot of them got very upset and just exploded with anger. I think this poem is important because it shows that everyone should be able to live out their dreams and no one should be allowed to stop them.

Consider Things From His Point of View

I decided to think about how Tom Robinson would be feeling in this situation. It is obvious that Mayella And her father are lying. So to be in Tom’s shoes would absolutely suck. I’m sure he is sitting in the court room devastated and heart broken. He knows what happened and he knows that no matter what he says he’s not going to win this case. He must be feeling so sad thinking about he wife and children and also nervous t the same time because a lot of people think he is this horrible person who raped this girl when that is not what happened. I’m sure as he was answering questions he was scared out of his mind knowing that even when all he was doing was telling the truth he wasn’t going to make the judge believe he was innocent mainly based of the color of his skin.

How I’m Dealing With This Corona Stuff.

If i’m being honest it’s been a lil rough. I’m kinda losing my mind. I like to be moving and have lots of activities that keep me busy but now that everything is cancelled or closed all I can do is just be at the house. I’ve been trying to stick with a routine as much as I can but some days school takes longer than others and somedays you need an hour or two nap. And sometimes you give up on math because you don’t get it at all and its confusing online and after four hours of it you’re done. But over all I feel like I have been doing pretty good with the entire situation… until about 7 pm. By then I have everything done and i’ve done about as much as humanly possible and all I want to do is get out of the house and go see people. But instead I have to stay home and just saying I think my parents are about to pull their hair out between me and my little sister we have so much energy and just want to go go go. It’s been rough and I’m hoping and praying we go back to school sooner rather than later cause I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

Strange Fruit

Personally, I really liked this poem. I thought the author was very good in his words and he didn’t hold back. I feel as though alot of times we get the censered version of stories. I liked how this author really just said what was happening. I also thought the poem was very sad it makes me mad that people would treat human being like that. It made me very upset at the end of the poem when it talks about what happened to the bodies. These people who did nothing wrong are already being hung for no good reason and now people are just leaving them there to get eaten by birds or be eroded away. It really just makes me sad to think about how horrible our world was and still is. I just wish people would be kind a reasonable. I really think the author did a wonderful job at getting his point across and at the same time spreading a needed message.


Blind Spots

I like how Harper Lee shows Atticus’ character in this part of the story. I think it shows how compassionate Atticus is and also how kind hearted he is. It shows that Atticus is more of a person who tries to look for the good in other people. Instead of getting caught up in what they’ve done wrong or maybe like Scout and Jem and holding grudges, he focuses on all the good they have done. When Atticus was tallking to Scout he knew that Mr. Cunningham was going to join the mob in killing him or harming him the night before. But instead of doing what most people would do and say how bad of a person he was he explained to Scout that he was still a good man but with what he was apart of he was supposed to do something not as good but that didn’t mean he only does bad things, but he is still a good person who did something not as good that maybe he was blind in seeing what was wrong about it.


Real Courage

I really like the way Atticus explains what courage is. I feel as though a lot of times we think people who have courage are more of just confident people. And sometimes people with courage are someone doing this big old scary thing that they make sure everyone knows about. But to me at least courage is doing something you may be absolutely terrified to do, but you do it anyway cause you know it’s right. You don’t make a big deal about it, no going around telling everyone look at what I did. You just do it for the way it makes you feel, you do it for you. Sometimes having courage can be the simplest yet hardest of things to do. Sometimes your everday activities like going to school, talking to people, and after school things can take so much courage. You can be going into school and having a test that you know you aren’t going to pass but you go anyway, yes you may fail but at least you had the guts to try.


I think when Atticus told Scout that he was trying to teach her another lesson. I think he wanted to show Scout that if you are passionate about something even if you know you may not succeed in they way you want to, you should still try to make it work and stick with it. I think this shows how persistent Atticus was. He was willing to stick with this even though he knew he wouldn’t win and even though he knew what crap he would get from people he was willing to stay true to what he had started. I really respect Atticus for that because it shows how brave he is and how good of a person he truly was. I think he is a good example of being humble he isn’t afraid to stick up for what he believes in. I wish everyone could be this way and stick with what they started.

Busy Worrying About the Next World

I think Miss Maudie is just trying to teach scout a lesson about the world. I believe she is trying to show that people use what they are not good at to bring something or someone else down. Everyone is so busy trying to focus on the future that they can’t even enjoy and or focus on what’s happening in their life right now. I’m guilty of doing this all the time. I always get so caught up in the whole I can’t wait for summer deal when really there are so many fun things that are happening during the school year. I’m too worried about whats gonna happen when i get to high school that i can’t even enjoy freshman year because it’s almost like I’m already ready for the next. I think everyone needs to slow down and just live in the moment and have fun and be grateful for the good and bad times they’re having right now.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin.

I think when Atticus tells Scout to climb into their skin he just wants her to see life from someone else’s perspective. I feel like it’s very easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and what’s going wrong in your own life. I believe this is why so many people are soooo selfish because they don’t ever think about what may be going on in the person sitting right next to them’s life. I think when we put ourselves in someone else’s skin/shoes it’s easier to be more compassionate and loving towards them. You can see how everyone goes through hard things and that everyone has so many different things going on that you have no idea about. I think if we were to think like this and assume the best of people and just be kind the world could be such a better place and if we knew what was happening to people we could get along with them and talk to them more and meet new people rather than being so into ourselves and being selfish.

Where I’m From!

My family, at least my moms side, are die hard vikings. My grandpa Chipman has lived in PG his entire life, while my grandma live down in AF. My dads side of the family is super confusing and if i’m being honest i don’t think i quite get it either. My mom grew up a viking and you will never meet someone with as much school spirit and pride in PGHS than my mother. My dad grew up in sandy and met my mom while they were working in a bank. When they got married my mom refused to move out of PG. Even five years ago when we sold our house super fast we ended up living with our grandparents in PG cause my mom would not go anywhere else. My dad had all these pretty house picked out they were perfect but my mom would not do it unless they were in PG. She always says, “all my kids will graduate as vikings.”

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