In the book, “How to kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee, there is a saying that Atticus Finch quoted that goes like “Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” This is a way of saying look from another perspective, see what others are seeing.Image result for glasses For the last couple of years, I have been “the invisible boy.” People don’t really know I exist, but they acknowlage a presence in the room that would be me. I still am invisible to some people, but others finally see me. These people have become my friends and we have been having fun together and going on adventures. If you feel a presence in a room, take a moment and try to find out what and who it is.


Beliefs are the things in life that you agree and model yourself after. The idea of having beliefs and values is one of the most crucial elements of living a good life. Having set beliefs is what makes up us – our personality. It is important to have beliefs in our world because it is the way that a person sees you, and if they want to cooperate or not. I believe that beliefs are formed from where we are located.Related image If you grew up on a farm, you would probably have some different beliefs than a person who grew up in a city. What’s most important is that you should idealy have good values and beliefs so that people can connect and socialize better with you.


Wow! I can’t believe that we are already ending term two and starting term three! This term has probably been the most successful term I’ve completed in the last 3 years! I tried very hard in this term and have secured pretty high grades, unlike my first year here at PGJRH.Image result for homework Even though I have done pretty good, I feel like I should be more time efficient and prioritize my goals. Reading has been one of my goals and it has been amazing! At home I read a lot of the time just because of the feeling of adventure and exitment its given me. This year my goal is to get 4.0 GPAs for the rest of the year so I can get into a good college.


I have recently read a article titled, “This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing By One Percent And Here’s What Happened.” by James Clear, and have discovered a new perspective on working towards goals. This article is challenging people to make new goals to improve on something that they want to change.Thinking about it for five minutes, I have come to a suitable goal thatRelated image I can work on.I would like to change my usage of electronics and finding “other connections.” My ideal time frame is within 1 – 3 months to do as many things as possible without using electronics.


A couple of minutes ago, I reviewed a story that was one of the most adventure packed pieces of literature you’ll ever read. This story is set in a fictional standpoint on how one man stumbles upon something that alter history – forever, and everyone around him could be a threat to his awaiting legacy.Image result for the futureI noticed that the author of the story used adjectives and a abundance of authors moves to bring this story to the brink of reality. Although the author did a good job at setting the plot, he had forgotten to include a backstory and the meaning of what his motivation was with his “project.” If you are a person looking for a good Science Fiction book, I would recommend this story.



I am so happy I can finally tell people about my life through this post. One thing that makes me really exctatic right now is my plan for Thanksgiving break. Just two days ago we decided as a family to do indoor skydiving and professional Go – Karting over the break and I can not say how freaking happy I am right now. Life has been good and things are just getting better.Image result for skydiving I don’t have anything negative to say right now about my life because for once, my life has been absolutely perfect and all of my anxiety is going away and being replaced with confidence for what the future holds.


Right now I am currently reading a fantastic book called “Avalon.” I actually stumbled upon this book by accident when my friends were just reading book summaries and I picked up this particular book and boom! My favorite book! This book is about a group of teenagers in the year 2078 who set out to find a lost ship in what some would call “The Belgrave,” an area of space where shuttles go in and never come out and with the help of Jeth Seagrave’s ship, the Avalon, they find themselves facing the most perilous trip in the galaxy. If you are into Sci-Fi books like I am, then I would reccomend this to you.


Some things that I do while I read is visualize the story in my head, connect different book problems to reality, and try to feel empathy and sympathy. I like using all of these techniques because it gives me a sense of what it would feel like to be a particular character in a certain book.Related image From there, it also gives me the ability of being creative and thinking about things that people sometimes don’t notice. As a reader, I feel pretty confident in my ability to interpret stories and find out what is happening and what is going to happen, but everyone always has something to work on. So in conclusion, I will try a little harder to read more books and see more universes. 


For me, the first term was the first time in my years at PGJH that I got an A in english. When I first noticed that I was going to be in a different english class this year, I had a good feeling that thias was going to be a good year for me, academically wise.Image result for lightbulb Even though things worked out almost perfectly in term one, there is always going to be another thing to work on. This term, not only do I want to get an A, but get master profeciency on every essay that I write and talk to some more people and be outgoing. I know I can do all of this and do it before Christmas break.


Words are influential. You may not realize it yet, but words are the key factor in communicating information from one person to another- including emotion . Authors know this and use it to add some thoughts and insights to a story so a person can sympathize with a character.Image result for words A couple of words can include more emotion than enough to make a connection with the reader. Adjectives are used quite frequently to show what / how a story unfolds. Authors use adjectives and put in as much detail as they possibly can into their stories to create an effect the reader can feel. In conclusion, you don’t have to be talking to somebody face to face feel for something.