This year has been one of the most challenging, difficult, tedious school years that I have ever gone through. At the beginning, I thought I could make more friends than the year before. But I was wrong. This aspect of my life has been a curse and redemption. I look around and see all of the popular people with big groups of friends. At times, I do feel envious, but I contiImage result for silencenue to move on with life and press forward. The day that I realized that I was my own ally, I felt resolute. This independence that I have kept my entire year has turned me from being a straight C plus student, to an Straight A person. It does sometimes hurt, but I have acquired more than I ever thought I could. My life has changed completely from it was before.

Kill me for this now, but I would still stay in school instead of summer break. I enjoy school and I’m not afraid to admit it.


There is one thing we all have in common and it’s no secret, but it is. I believe that the idea of secrets is just a natural human instinct that people utilize so that the truth of something can’t and won’t have negatives effects of telling people of their potentially disapproving truth.Image result for secrets In a nutshell, people do it to try and avoid negative outcomes. In our day and age, most people hide their secrets as a result of a incident that they don’t want to discuss with another person. These hidden perspectives on the world can be as small as having a crush on somebody, but it can also be as big as murder. Note, secrets can also be discovered through actions of the one holding the secret. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is talking with Lady Capulet (her mother) and discovers that her dad set her up on a date with another boy, Paris. Reading that passage, you can tell that she was speaking with duality, trying not to confess her secret marriage. Moral of this is, secrets may be bigger than you anticipate them to be and they could lead to a serious set of actions, good or bad.


In Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo and Juliet visit Friar Lawrence just before their marriage, Friar Lawrence tells Romeo and Juliet to love each other moderately. Moderately is a word that has synonyms of “Middle” and “Between.” Friar Lawrence is saying to love each other not too much, but still keep your vows true. This is a great piece of advice.Related image An ideal relationship should consist of a mutual feeling of moderation. If you love someone too much, you start getting too attached to them (If you are in Ms. B’s class, Emily Cane) and If you love them too little, that relationship would dissolve. Friar is giving a great piece of advice that people should follow and embrace. It could make you the most happy you could be as soon as you do it.


This is one of the most interesting blog posts I’m ever going to write. Hatred is when someone dislikes someone else very, very much. Hatred is one of those emotions that people have acquired over the years that allows them to express themselves. I am a optimist.Image result for funny angry face I don’t like being angry at people but there is one thing that does get me furious. I was walking in the hallways with it’s normal traffic of fast seventh graders and slow others, when all of the sudden, this 8th grader runs down the hall with his friends and spanks me and runs off. My hatred was immense at that moment (Don’t worry, I punched him as hard as I could in the shoulder as he was “escaping 🙂 ) and then I realized. Hatred gets you absolutely no where. Even though we are mad in the moment and it may be satisfying to get revenge, don’t do it all of the time. Although I’m about to contradict it, Hatred is a good way to express true emotion.


In a nutshell, everything was chaotic. At the beginning, she started out like any other sub would do. She grabbed the agenda and started to read it off to the class and that’s where it all started. She first told us to write a 150 word long blog post on this very platform and everyone blew up.Image result for isolation About 20 minutes later, we started to work on our sheets and she said that we could work with partners. That’s when all of annoying people came to my table in the back. I eventually isolated myself from the rest of the class and finished my work there. She was ok, but there could have been some improvement.


For the last couple of years in this school, all of my english classes had a short time disscussing Shakespeare and I feel like I know a little. Shakespeare wrote some plays that were actually never meant to be performed but here in 2019, here we have Merchant Of Venice, The Tempest, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet. I could go on. To me, Shakespeare is the artist that was really never discovered until our day.Image result for shakespeare Last year I read the Merchant Of Venice and to this day, it is still my favorite Shakespeare stories I have ever read. I like how in his books he makes some sort of plot twist. In the Merchant Of Venice, someone had bet a pound of flesh but lost. The opponent had permission to his flesh, but if he shed his blood, he would be called a murder. In Romeo and Juliet, im just going to say a lot of poison was involved. Shakespeare is such an important person to me because im his thirteenth desendent and he is my thirteenth grandfather thus, making him my very cool family.


I was just given a prompt to answer the question, what good is self assesment? To me, self assesment is looking at what you have done and seeing if you can improve on it in any way that you could benefit even more. Last year I was a straight C plus student with the occasional A or B. With time, I realized that I could’ve done all of the work that was assigned to me and it made me feel incredibly lazy.Image result for mirror So this year I changed all of my work ethics and the ways that I think about school, to do my best so that I may succeed better in my future life.


I had never thought of reading To Kill a Mocking Bird in my earlier years, but I made a huge mistake. This book was one of the best old novels I have ever read. It had all the emotion a real book is supposed to have and a good story.Image result for mockingbird There were some really sad parts, but was counteracted by some great comedy. I don’t know what I would be reading right now if I didn’t have this book, but I don’t think it even would’ve been as good as this book. If I had to reccommend a good book, It would be To Kill a Mockingbird.


I was assigned to look at a couple of different quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird and one in particular caught my eye.”We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” This reminded me of our 1% Gain post we made a couple of months ago.Image result for baby steps When we want to achieve a goal, we have to take steps to get there. This year, I’m staffing at a summer camp and they’ve been teaching us the same phrase over and over again, “You eat an elephant one bite at at time.” Like it mentioned in To Kill a Mocking Bird, take small steps and you have a chance of achieving your goals.


When I think of courage and integrity, I think of Martin Luther King Jr. because he stood up for the rights of black people even though everyone was telling him he couldn’t do it. Martin did so much because of his dream. A dream where every one in the world would be treated the same, white or black.Image result for martin luther king junior Martin inspires me everytime I get nervous to go and stand up for the right cause. If he was here right now, I think he would say stand up for what you believe in even if everyone else disagrees with you. What you believe in matters. Go and share your talent with the world.