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January 2019

My SIPS Pitch! (Subscribe to Pewdiepie)

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Pikachu has a black tail correct? Before reading below think hard.

  1. My interest is the Mandela Effect and Reverse Psychology. I was inspired originally from my little brother Josh. Whilst attending church he was drawing a picture of pikachu, but with a black tipped tail. I asked him why he drew it and he replied with the obvious answer, “because he has a black tail.” I told him he was wrong. My father backed him up and said the same as Josh and the rest of my family agreed.(Scroll to bottom.)

But they’re wrong!¬†What! Do you see that? No black? This is just one of the many mandela effects. How did I know Pikachu’s Tail wasn’t black? Because I saw a video on it, and I myself genuinely believed he had a black tail before it. I’ll explain it another time to why one would think it was black.

2. Number one was a long response. Questions:

  • What makes us see/think something that isn’t true?
  • Why do people have a tendency to chose one option instead of the other.
  • What makes an illusion.

3. I’m aiming for entertainment, and I think it’s pretty self explanatory for education?

4.I’ll look at every single piece of claim and evidence with 3 other websites supporting the claim (That aren’t shady.) Until I hit the deep web. That and maybe a therapist. Because you can trick and stimulate others more easily than another say if they had anxiety. (Don’t know if it’s true, just using that as an example. So I’d ask a therapist for normal responses and conversations they have with their patients.

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