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My SIPS projects are grey scaled illusions and a candle illusion.

I’d often find two images of myself overlayed but one being slightly shifted off center when I would look into bad mirrors or transparent surfaces. So I wanted to find out why this happened thus causing the candle illusion.

Everyone? I’d say they wouldn’t necessarily benefit, but they would learn something.

At school and at home.

I did the project solo other than my mother who painted the inside of a cardboard box black.

My first few attempts on what I wanted to do I couldn’t find enough information on the subject (Mandela effect) or I would find the subject boring (Reverse psychology). So I ended up switching to a new one until I found something I was happy with. If I had a second chance to do the same project? It would be studying more, digging deeper into presented knowledge because I finally found what I wanted to do by SIPS 4 or 5 which was a huge setback.

My biggest success was the effect it had on people when they saw my candle illusion. They were quite confused as to what they were looking at until I told them to look behind the transparent surface. Then their reactions would be surprised or even more confused. It made me feel more confident about my project and more happy with what I created.

I learned how to create false images based on light concentration through a transparent surface, and why our eyes fall for grey scale illusions. (Rods in our eyes). I enjoyed SIPS. It wasn’t the most fun thing but it definitely was fun. I learned how to lose my voice while explaining what people were seeing. I also learned that most people will usually be clueless from “X” until they have an explanation or have your own perspective.

I attended the Showcase. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I told myself I would go then about thirty minutes from the showcase I didn’t want to go, I scolded myself The Coach Boban way by saying only a wimp wouldn’t go. (Which worked). I ended up having a lot of fun.

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