SIPS Project Notes No.1

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Because I’m going to be doing research on reverse psychology I’ll need to find some basics on how it works. So I can find more accurate reliable searches. (I don’t actually know where I’m going to start. I’m just going to search Reverse Psychology and see what I get.)

People are more susceptible to reverse psychology if:

  • They’re naturally resistant. (Defy)
  • Emotional, Caught-up in the moment.
  • Unweary.

If the person believes your using reverse psychology do:

  • Reverse-reverse psychology. (Instead of saying the opposite of what you want them to do, cloak the idea with what you actually want while hinting at the opposite.)
  • Give suggestions. (Let them believe they have a freedom of choice, threatening or pushing suggestions to much will result in failure.)

If they have a reactance/if you fail: (They are now more susceptible, but you should try not to make it obvious you’re heading in the reactance area. Think as this as the fail safe. If you dive deep instantly it’s more tough.)

  • They have now felt you try to control them and will most likely try to grab it back by doing the opposite of what they are told.
  • Take the shot. (Say the opposite of what you want. “Do not X.” You’ve seeded the suggestion to do X.)

The Fail safe fail safe, do a reversal:

  • Make your assessments. Are they rebellious? (Not going/wanting to do what you say.) Or are they compliant? (Have fallen victim to your suggestions. Showing signs of doing what you really want.)
  • If rebellious- Take away the freedom of choice. Demand them do what you don’t want. (This will provoke them and hopefully awaken their unreasonable stance.) Hint at what you really want. Or not. (Remember they are human, they can go any direction within seconds. You should be able to distinguish the situation yourself.)
  • If compliant- Tell them what you want. Let them keep their belief in freedom of choice. When they seem ready to do what you want, tell them they are sure, tell them their making the right decision without saying their making the right decision. Hint one last time the opposite of what you don’t want them to do. This will make you not look like a bad person.

At all costs do not fail. If you fail they will be aware. They will see you differently. Do not use this as a toy.

Do not tell yourself this is reverse psychology. By now you should realize this is actually manipulation. Use this for good, not evil.

Wow am I drained. This took a lot of concentration, and you can probably tell or feel that this is some dark stuff. Which it is.

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