Fate or Chance?

In the book thief and real life, there are some extremely powerful coincidences that may seem small (or big. Either way) but affect the trickle of life to make something completely different than what would happen. I think that powerful coincidences don’t happen by accident. Something has to influence those because it just seems to lucky to actually happen all by itself. I think that things happen for a reason for certain people. Everybody’s story can be theirs to make but sometimes, things need to happen specifically for that person, whether for good or for bad. Chance is a real thing. It doesn’t control us but it influences what happens. There’s always a chance that it could rain or a chance that you could die or whatever but chance is always there. Fate is something completely different. It’s like things are meant to happen in a certain way to bring to pass things. Sort of like Destiny. For me, there have been things that happen that if they didn’t, my life would be completely different. Like for instance, I met my best friend because in 3rd grade, I saw her walking alone and decided to go up to her and say hi. If my mom’s first husband hadn’t died and my dad hadn’t divorced, then I wouldn’t have been born. Little things and big things have happened to influence my life and they influence others too. We are not controlled by fate or chance, just changed.

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  1. Mr. Green at |

    “We are not controlled by fate or chance, just changed.” I like the way you put this. Well-worded!


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