1st Term Analyzation

I think my first term of Mr. Green’s english class was a lot better than last year… I was in Mrs. Phippen’s and let me tell you it was awful. If i could keep this in my class Mr. Green is a lot better than Mrs. Phippen. I think I’m doing a lot better this year than last year. I had brocitous and missed a total of 4 and 1/2 weeks of school.  I have like a 3.2 gpa instead of 2.6. I actually don’t dispize school anymore. I used to hate school but not reakky anymore. Mr. Green’s class is honestly Radical Heights!!!

Is It A Friend Or Foe…

Is technology a friend or a foe (enemy)??? I honestly think that it is both. I think it is both because it gives us great outlets like this computer that I’m typing this blog post on right now, or like T.V’s, cars, and so forth. But to just about everything good there is almost always something bad. The bad is obviously like bad images and words, videos, movies. But think of the good that technology does for us. It is literally the future of this world weather you like it or not. I know we won’t be around for super long but at least we can change how we are. Let’s go outside more and realize what could leave soon.

The 1st Story I Read.

The story I read for the 2nd group decision was” All Summer In A Day,” by Ray Bradbury. The story begins on a rainy day, just like every day on Venus but today is a special day. This day is the day they get sun, for 2 hours for every 7 years… Not even gonna lie that would really suck to only get 2 hours of complete sunlight per every 7 years. The kids in school have been waiting for this practically their hole entire lives. But Margot the girl who moved to Venus from earth just at age 4, could remember the sun. She absolutely loves the sun. But something bad happens to Margot… Read the story to find out this heart crushing story about Margot. 

1% Improvements!

If I improved everything by 1% I could be really good in school. If I improved everything by 1% I’d be a great at making food. I’d be better at sports. I’d be better at making food. I’d be a better person. I’d have better life style. I’d be better at weight lifting and be way better at English. I’d be a better friend. I’d get a better mile time. I’d be better at reading. I’d be better at gaining weight. I’d learn to love sweets. I’d be better at

What will the future be like???

To be honest I don’t think that by 2095 the world won’t be over. I think it will be very alive actually. I think that People will be smarter, stronger, faster, and definitly worse people. I think that do to them having even more stuff than us they are just going to be some of the most cruel and unusual people. They will have everything they want and then some, so when something bad happens they will run to one of us old farts to know what to do because they won’t be mentally prepared. I believe that if they ask me for info I’ll act like this is some Iron man moment and then crush there dreams by saying I don’t know, or something like that. They won’t be ready if anything bad happens.

What I’ve been “reading”…

I’ve been reading this book called Unwind by Neil Shusterman. I’m about 1/3 way through the book. To be honest It’s not the worst book I’ve read but definitely not the best though. I also am reading this book called The Compound. I honestly don’t know who wrote it but let me say it is pretty interesting. I really don’t like reading but I don’t mind reading Unwind or The Compound. They both are more of action, but at the same time mystery. I guess i like multiple types of book genres. I think I really hated reading as a kid because it was a punishment most of the time.

Figurative Language

Today I woke up and my legs felt like jello. Seriously tho I couldn’t believe that my legs felt like they we gonna fall off. Last night they felt fine and now they feel like the screws are loose. I also really need to go during viking time to go work in Mrs. Bullocks class. I don’t know if Mr. Green will let me… I need to make up for missing last times work and the time before’s work because I missed because I had to go play with the sophomores and the freshman last week and this week I have to do the same thing.

My Reading Journey.

My experience with books aren’t as strong as some people. I don’t really read books. I started reading books like when i was about 8 years old. When I started reading I didn’t like it because my grandparents used to make me read as a punishment, I think that’s why I have never been into reading books. To be honest the only books that stand out is like good old Cat in the hat books, and some like Maze Runner. My experience has changed over time but not by much, I still don’t love reading but I don’t hate it. I changed overtime by realizing that there are worst things than reading in this world. Its a love hate relationship. 

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