Burning coal for survival in the World’s Coldest Capital.

The main idea of this article is over a million tons of coal is burned each year in Mongolia due to harsh weather conditions and other survived neccesities. The article states facts like temperatures can get as low as negative 40 in both ferenheit and celsius,  we know that over million tons of coal is burnt each year. This tells us they use more than most countries on average. I also can infer about that, that coal is burned in order for mongolians to survive. The coal mining business is off the charts and getting really popular there. People are leaving the hearding business to coal mining. More jobs increasing mean more economical growth.

The prime minister is banning the use and transportation of raw coal. It will be extremely hard for mongolians to stop using raw coal do to how much they use. The prime minister did this to improve the air quality. The cost of electric heaters is too much for most people living in Mongolia. The people of Mongolia resort to coal instead of expensive heaters. The increase in coal mining jobs will give people money they can use to buy and electric heater. The biggest issue from this article, is the absurd amounts of raw coal use. Due to the million and tons of coal burned each year, the air pollution skyrockets linearly.



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