Molom a legend of Mongolia.

In this legend it tells about a little and an old man. The old mans name is molom who is an old shaman and a messenger of life whose soul can become an eagle, a pilgrim, or anything, and the little boy Yonden. A lost child raised by wolves. As they travel across the mongolian steppe, they’re adventures no matter how fun or scary they are it allows Yonden, the “little wolf” to learn many life lessons. Such as generosity, compassion and self knowledge. Thanks to his new master and his help.

He does all of this for the lessons of Buddah. It really helps him learn and grow as a boy. And he is very grateful for the opportunity he had to learn these things. It changed him so much and it changed him for the better. Its a very cool and sweet tale. And it helps me a lot too and teaches me a lot and it could also have that affect on a lot of other people if the read about this tale.

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