my article is about a soldier that put his life on the line to rescue American hostages from a camp in Iraq. this soldier was givin a medal from trump the president of the united states because of his bravery of saving these hostages he then went on to leading a team at night into a bunch of houses to rescue more hostages that iraq to from america and this guy went on even more and got a first class medal of honor and being a sargent.

blog #2

  • What is the population? Where do most of the people live?  38.43 million
  • What is the capital city and how many people live there? What is another major city of the country? What things are in that city? Baghdad  and that is home for 7.1 million people.
  • What are the major languages spoken there? The most widely spoken language in Iraq is the Arabic language
  • What statistics can you find on poverty, agriculture, disease, or energy? there is an extreme water shortage in iraq which will impact there agriculture they do have deseases there they didnt have a specific list but they say they are hard to cure cause they dont have money to go to a doctor
  • What religions are central to the country?Iraq is predominantly a Muslim country, in which the two major sects of Islam are represented more equally than in any other state.
  • Are there any significant dates related to the country that share some of its background history?no just that they are always in war with the united states
  • What other facts have you learned about the country from your article/website? really nothing other than the stuff i have looked up with the question that you asked me
  • Record your information in a smooth way. Please don’t just make a bullet-point list here, but try to put your information into short summary sentences. that people in iraq dont have any money at all all the money they do make is from crops that they grow and things they make and sell over the market and they cant do that if they dont have any water to grow there crops

post #1: introduction

The country I selected was Iraq. The reason I chose Iraq was because I’ve heard cool thing from other people about Iraq and i kinda want to learn for myself and go further into what I’ve heard. I don’t really know what i am going to discover I know I’m gonna find some cool stuff and I’m gonna find other stuff that’s gonna be like oh there’s 5 minutes of my life reading that ill never get back. I don’t really have any question right know I’m kinda stoked to do this assignment though.