May 16

Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence gives us one last piece of advice before marrying Romeo and Juliet is to live and love moderately. Romeo and Juliet had known each other for less than 24 hours and kind of did the Enchanted thing where the prince is like “We shall be married in the morning” and honestly it’s pretty much the same thing and all together just weird. Who marries a man they just met? Even if it is “true love” it can end, you can love the adventure but hate the person they are in real life. Loving moderately is a way to show your affection without losing the flame. Burning bright typically means burning out fast; the more over the top and excited you are about things, the worse and unhappy ending is what you will get. This doesn’t just go for people and human nature, it goes for anything, food, exercise, screen time etc… The list goes on and on. loving moderately means you enjoy it and find balance in it while still being able to in years to come.

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3 thoughts on “Love Moderately

  1. Aspen

    I think that is the case in a lot of marriages, people rush into things and then end up not liking the person and getting a divorce.


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