May 16

Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence gives us one last piece of advice before marrying Romeo and Juliet is to live and love moderately. Romeo and Juliet had known each other for less than 24 hours and kind of did the Enchanted thing where the prince is like “We shall be married in the morning” and honestly it’s pretty much the same thing and all together just weird. Who marries a man they just met? Even if it is “true love” it can end, you can love the adventure but hate the person they are in real life. Loving moderately is a way to show your affection without losing the flame. Burning bright typically means burning out fast; the more over the top and excited you are about things, the worse and unhappy ending is what you will get. This doesn’t just go for people and human nature, it goes for anything, food, exercise, screen time etc… The list goes on and on. loving moderately means you enjoy it and find balance in it while still being able to in years to come.

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May 8


The exact definition of hatred is the “intense dislike or ill will.” Romeo’s and Juliet’s families completely loathe each other for some crazy reason, and although Old Man Capulet is willing to set this hatred aside and move on nothing happens until he loses Juliet. In life, especially in junior high and high school, the tragic story is completely mirrored. Sometimes people hate someone because of something they’ve said or done, which is semi-acceptable in certain situations (sometimes it’s understandable why someone would hate), other times it’s completely irrational hate because of some old vendetta against them that is better to let go than hold on. However within our lives one major thing that holds us back is the hate we feel towards something or someone. When you hate math you aren’t going to learn anywhere near as much, if you hate someone you don’t see anything they do as good; there is always some horrible motive for them doing a kind thing. Just like in Romeo and Juliet I personally believe that in order to get rid of hatred there are two ways to go about doing so, one is forced, just having something mutually bad happen to both sides to make them realize that there is a problem and through the sorrow push away the hate. Or the second option, face it with maturity and find a way to put it aside and look at the positive instead of the negative in the situations, it helps to realize that sometimes people screw up but they’re still great and they still are trying.Image result for definition of hatred

April 24

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

One friend group fights with and despises another group, all while two opposing “enemies” start to like each other, even though their group tells them that they are supposed to hate them. Personally I believe that schools should definitely teach Shakespeare, he is one of the most well known playwright and actor in history. Many people believe that Shakespeare is too old to really teach kids anything or teaches them the wrong things such as if you are not white you cannot be known as a great writer. When in reality students who read Shakespeare and are involved in the arts they can excel at the sciences and life more effectively than if they hadn’t been involved. People argue that it is not applicable today even though if you look just under the surface in many places, even the school hallways, you will see that similar things from Shakespeare’s plays happen/ are happening all the time. It is still very relevant today, even after 402 years (and 1 day) the same or similar things happen.

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March 20

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

As a whole, we let people see only what we want to see. We show our strengths and greatest triumphs but not very many people ever see our struggles, they only see our peaks and not our valleys. Life as we know it has its ups and downs but when people are around us we don’t recognize what they are going through. Especially, I think, with social media, showing off all of our picture perfect moments but not letting anyone see our weakness. People passing in the hallways are having a lot of similar struggles but we don’t see that. We don’t see them reaching their breaking point. We only see the Olympians five minute event, not the hours, days, and years of hard laborious work that they have put in to push their limits and get better while still having to be a human being with trials and struggles. We honestly don’t know a lot, but something as simple and easy as a smile in the hall can make someone’s day and make it seem like the struggle is worth the outcome.

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March 8

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

At the beginning of this year I really wanted to work on my ability to introduce quotes and write better conclusions, not that I was necessarily bad at writing it, I just wanted to get better at it because that was mainly what I struggled with. As the year progressed I have definitely improved my fluidity and how I write my conclusions. I think I have definitely improved and I think reading more and more has definitely increased my vocabulary, making it easier to make my writing fluid but still say what I want to. Although this year is coming to a bitter sweet end soon rather than stay where I am and be bored the entire rest of the year I want to set more goals to help my skills. Good is the enemy of great, and I really want to improve on understanding complex literature because like Mr. Green just said “TAXES” and I think it would be funny to use Shakespearean insults… I’ve been reading some of the classics and I’ve noticed that it takes FOREVER to understand what they mean, so I’m hoping that through this term I will be able to improve and be able to understand the meanings faster and more thoroughly.

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March 6

To Kill A Mockingbird Review

The book “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is set in southern United States in the 1930s. Where three kids, Jem, Dill, and Scout, grow up in their settled town of Maycomb. When Dill visits Maycomb for the summer and hears about the Radley place and how Boo Radley never comes out of his house unless it’s at night. He gets Jem and Scout hooked and they try to uncover why and attempt to befriend Boo. But when their father, Atticus, is asked to defend an innocent black man accused of rape, Jem and Scout are exposed to the unfairness and prejudice of the time period. Over the years this book has been received very well, being one of the greatest books ever. It’s reputation of being such a great book stretches far and wide and has definitely lived up to the hype and reputation it has earned.

The film adaptation of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” is overall a strong representation of the the book however, as with any book, it has some shortcomings and missed opportunities. The film did well to represent the majority of the story, however, it left out some of my favorite scenes from the book that I believed was very important to show the growth of the characters. They really helped me to see the foreshadowing and what may come into play later on. I also really liked how it was in black and white, i am not sure exactly why it just made it better in my eyes. Overall I really enjoyed and cherished the movie but I loved the book and it is much better, in my opinion.

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February 13

Good Stuff

After the trial Atticus says “They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it–seems that only children weep” I think this is so cool that Atticus says that because to me it shows that the children have wide eyes and open hearts. They don’t understand why the color of someone’s skin is so important to adults, they just think that if it wrong the correct person should be punished because that is how many people raise their kids. To me it shows how majority is not always right but sometimes you have to fight for the right to even have justice where it is needed. Showing us that adults can be wrong and foolish kids can be right. I feel that many times educated adults can have a very skewed view on things, they become desensitized to something that they knew was wrong when they were kids and just continue, sigh, and say “oh, well, that’s the way life is” and don’t do anything to change it even though they have the most potential to change the problem.

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February 9

An Authority on Courage – Diana Prince

Honestly middle school is probably the hardest time of life, you’re faced with so many hard decisions and hard trials. You are expected to act as an adult but still treated like a child and from what I’ve observed I don’t really believe that it’s right because this time in life is very hard already and making it hard to talk to them to gain advice is not the best way to help the growing generation. Making decisions is a hard thing. Making the right one is even harder.  As cheesy as this sounds, if and when you come to a cross roads do what you believe and feel is right. Believe in yourself and if you have convinced yourself that there is not good in this situation, look around and be the good. If there are two evils and you cannot escape them, weigh the options and follow your heart, hopefully it will lead to the lesser of the two. And if it doesn’t then you will have something to learn that you didn’t know before. Stay strong, hopeful, and kind.

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February 1

Real Courage

The very definition of courage is strength in the face of pain or grief. When Atticus tells Jem that he wanted him to see that courage isn’t just a guy with a gun, isn’t solely a soldier or a warrior, but it’s when you know you have lost and yet you still keep trying to win no matter what discouraging thing has happened he is showing that courage comes in many forms of fighting your own personal battles. You may not win at first or at all but on the rare occasion you do.  This definition of courage is one of the best possible way to put it. I think that it has helped shape Jem as a young man with understanding and it has helped Atticus through his hard times in his life as well.  Maybe your definition of courage is completely different but there is little doubt that this is on Atticus’ belief window and he wants Jem to have it on his as well. I think that if we had that on our’s as well it would benefit us for the better in life.

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January 26


When Atticus says that they are going to lose but they are going to try to win anyway he is showing Scout and Jem that sometimes you lose but you have to do the right thing, even if it is hard. Already in the book we have seen people that are in close relation to them have an extreme reaction about Atticus’ choice to defend Tom. I think that it is a beneficial effort to attempt to win this case even when he knows he is going to lose. Just because your favorite sports team is on a losing streak doesn’t mean that you automatically give up on them, you still cheer for them for trying. I feel like we need to have a similar outlook on life, if we are persistent in the hard times I believe that we can become much better as a society. I think it varies on how much you sacrifice but obviously in this case Atticus believes with his whole heart that he is doing the right thing by putting his family through this. From what we have seen from Atticus it shows that he believes that he can make a difference just by standing up for the people who can’t, that even if they stand alone they are standing up for what is right.

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