February 13

Good Stuff

After the trial Atticus says “They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it–seems that only children weep” I think this is so cool that Atticus says that because to me it shows that the children have wide eyes and open hearts. They don’t understand why the color of someone’s skin is so important to adults, they just think that if it wrong the correct person should be punished because that is how many people raise their kids. To me it shows how majority is not always right but sometimes you have to fight for the right to even have justice where it is needed. Showing us that adults can be wrong and foolish kids can be right. I feel that many times educated adults can have a very skewed view on things, they become desensitized to something that they knew was wrong when they were kids and just continue, sigh, and say “oh, well, that’s the way life is” and don’t do anything to change it even though they have the most potential to change the problem.

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February 9

An Authority on Courage – Diana Prince

Honestly middle school is probably the hardest time of life, you’re faced with so many hard decisions and hard trials. You are expected to act as an adult but still treated like a child and from what I’ve observed I don’t really believe that it’s right because this time in life is very hard already and making it hard to talk to them to gain advice is not the best way to help the growing generation. Making decisions is a hard thing. Making the right one is even harder.  As cheesy as this sounds, if and when you come to a cross roads do what you believe and feel is right. Believe in yourself and if you have convinced yourself that there is not good in this situation, look around and be the good. If there are two evils and you cannot escape them, weigh the options and follow your heart, hopefully it will lead to the lesser of the two. And if it doesn’t then you will have something to learn that you didn’t know before. Stay strong, hopeful, and kind.

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February 1

Real Courage

The very definition of courage is strength in the face of pain or grief. When Atticus tells Jem that he wanted him to see that courage isn’t just a guy with a gun, isn’t solely a soldier or a warrior, but it’s when you know you have lost and yet you still keep trying to win no matter what discouraging thing has happened he is showing that courage comes in many forms of fighting your own personal battles. You may not win at first or at all but on the rare occasion you do.  This definition of courage is one of the best possible way to put it. I think that it has helped shape Jem as a young man with understanding and it has helped Atticus through his hard times in his life as well.  Maybe your definition of courage is completely different but there is little doubt that this is on Atticus’ belief window and he wants Jem to have it on his as well. I think that if we had that on our’s as well it would benefit us for the better in life.

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January 26


When Atticus says that they are going to lose but they are going to try to win anyway he is showing Scout and Jem that sometimes you lose but you have to do the right thing, even if it is hard. Already in the book we have seen people that are in close relation to them have an extreme reaction about Atticus’ choice to defend Tom. I think that it is a beneficial effort to attempt to win this case even when he knows he is going to lose. Just because your favorite sports team is on a losing streak doesn’t mean that you automatically give up on them, you still cheer for them for trying. I feel like we need to have a similar outlook on life, if we are persistent in the hard times I believe that we can become much better as a society. I think it varies on how much you sacrifice but obviously in this case Atticus believes with his whole heart that he is doing the right thing by putting his family through this. From what we have seen from Atticus it shows that he believes that he can make a difference just by standing up for the people who can’t, that even if they stand alone they are standing up for what is right.

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January 24

To Kill A Mockingbird – So Far

To Kill A Mockingbird is pretty good so far. I am honestly enjoying reading this book more than I would have expected. Normally I try to like reading the required books and ultimately fail, however with To Kill A Mockingbird I am enjoying it a lot more than I expected. I really like how it is this simple story but you can go deeper and really connect with the story and what it has to say about problems that are still around today. Although, I find it hard to keep up with their phrasing and the accent that Harper Lee gives them. I know that’s how they speak and everything but it is hard to read and understand sometimes. Just from what I had heard from my siblings that have gone before me, I thought that To Kill A Mockingbird was like super boring and not worth reading. Yet I enjoy reading this book and am excited to continue digging deeper.

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January 16

Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

Scout doesn’t want to go to school because she thinks that Miss Caroline doesn’t like her and would make her stop doing the things she enjoyed doing, such as reading with Atticus. When Atticus tells Scout to climb into other people’s skin, he is saying that Scout needs to look at situations from other people’s perspective. I think he said that to her so she could be more understanding of people’s differences and short comings. If Scout were to actually look at different situations from the other person’s point of view she would have an idea of how they saw the situation as well, which in turn would help her socially and make her seem a little kinder in other people’s eyes. Personally, I try to do this whenever I am in an argument or am about to disagree with someone because of two reasons. One, no one likes a know it all. And two, because I hate it when people aren’t willing to see things from my perspective. I think it’s a genius concept to learn and the fact that Scout is learning it at age 6 is admirable.Image result for point of view


January 5


Empathy, the most connecting thing in the world, but what exactly is it? Being empathetic is understanding, and almost relating to how a person feels or what a person is going through. We need empathy everyday because if we can understand what people are going through and be empathetic to them we are that much closer to world peace.

Once after some upsetting random chance event happened to a friend of mine and I blamed myself for causing it and kept continuing to circle back to it was my fault. So when I told my friends they didn’t really empathize with me they were just being sympathetic. Just getting sympathy from people made getting past blaming myself a whole lot harder because nobody really knew what I was going through. Although I had their sympathy they didn’t help me work through it and get back to where I was before. Hardly anyone knew what to say to help me get past it. So I was forced to get through it on my own which took a lot more time and effort.

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January 3

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

During this previous semester I did very well with almost all of my assignments, but the assignments I enjoyed most and did the best on was writing the essays. I don’t know why but writing has come easy to me and I enjoy informing and arguing with people. I really struggled with the poetry assignments this last semester. I used to love poetry but now I have not been interested in it or finding the deeper meaning and doing that accurately. Because of this I am going to try to get better at finding the deeper meanings and really read with a different strategy of finding what the author is trying to get across. Because I feel as soon as I understand and become accustomed to doing that I will be able to excel in many other categories that may help later in life or later in the year, specifically in this class.

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December 19

Design Thinking

“Failure is the best teacher” -Unknown. Design thinking is a unique and well thought out way to create, test, and learn. I feel that by using it, we get a more thorough and pin pointed idea about what potential buyers, or in this case viewers and readers, would want. And by using it in the classroom where we can practice failing and coming back stronger and better than before is extremely beneficial to how we, the growing generation, learn to function and be a benefactor in our society. I think this process is quite useful but I believe that it also has its shortcomings, but every rose has its thorn right? By using it in English recently it definitely helped save time however many people had the same ideas and didn’t really look beyond that first, generic, idea. So from what I pulled away from that class was that not everyone’s first idea is the best one out there so we need to keep brainstorming to find a different and better solution to the same problem. I believe that it could end up being useful later in life, however it would take some practice, and I’d get that by using it with something I love and am interested in, instead of something that I’m partial to.

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December 7

Promoting Change

How does change come about? Is it up to us to promote it? How would we bring it if it was our responsibility?  I believe it is our responsibility to bring about change, by helping our government change what we believe is broken. We need to be able to obey and follow the law, as written and enforced by our government we’ve pledged to support. Because in the end we wanted the changes. As a citizen who lives in this country, and expects the government to protect and keep us happy, we should do our best to support our government, even if they don’t do what we agree with. We are very lucky that we live in a country with a very good government system. They’re keeping us safe, and trying to do the best they can given their circumstances. They hear our voice and we vote for our representatives, this is how we bring about change and create a “more perfect union.”