On Stealing

Liesel has started to steal food from people. Like once she went over a fence and stole some apples. But, the one I want to talk about is the one where she makes someone slip on ice and then steals the groceries the boy has. She hurt them and that could affect her later like the boy could figure out she was involved and then she could lose a lot of trust from her parents and many many others. She is stealing for food so she is not hungry and I understand that but there are other ways to get food.

Are Books Dangerous??

I think that all books can be dangerous to anyone. I mean think about it a book can make you think differently about anything. Like a book if it is about someone and it says all these good things about them then you will probably like them but, lets say you read another book about them and it says all these bad things about them you might start to not like them. See? A book can take over your mind. The book The Book Thief may change a lot of ways you think of something cause of the way the talk about some things but those are also just opinions.

Thanks for reading I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. 🙂

The Book Thief So Far

The Book Thief- very interesting with quite a few interesting characters. The book has not really said anything about the war tho and what does Leisel have to do with it? And, why does Leisel steal so many books? I mean I now she likes to read but dang. She could just ask to borrow a book or something like that instead of stealing it. My favorite character is Hans Hubberman he is such a caring, loving, and interesting character I don’t think I would really like this book if it was not for him. He makes your heart melt with how he treats Leisel. You can tell that he loves her.

What Would It Be Like?

In “The Book Thief” the little girl Leisel is going to a new family. And, that must be really hard. I mean imagine if you had to leave your family and go to a completely new one? It would be horrible. I personally would be really sad cause I just had to leave my family behind and I will probably never see them ever again. I would be very hesitant with everything at first cause I don’t know these people and I am in a whole new area.

Book Review 2.1

What I read: The Hunger Games Book 1

How it starts: It starts with Katniss living at home with her mom and sister. She is the provider for her family and goes hunting in the morning with her best friend Gale.

How it gets complicated: It starts getting very interesting when Katniss’s sister Prim gets chosen for the hunger games then it gets even better when Katniss steps up for her sister.

What I liked: I liked how Katniss was so brave and so careful she never gave up.

What I disliked: I actually did not dislike anything in this book it is probably my new absolute favorite book

Recommendations: I highly recommend this book if you have not already read it. I recommend it to both boys and girls over the age of 12.

What I look for in a good character

When I think of a good character I think of someone who is interesting but not mean and they have to be honest and share there thoughts so that we actually know what is going on. They have to be my age or older cause if they are not I normally do not understand them. They have to be hardworking and I have to know some background on them or else I do not understand the beginning. Also a big thing for me is that they can NOT be confusing I hate that. I don’t ever understand anything if they start out confusing me. My favorite character is America from the Selection Series cause she fought hard and helped people and I knew always sorta what was going on in her head. She said it in the book and it helped a lot so that I could understand.

A Monster Calls

I just finished the book “A Monster Calls”. And, in my opinion the book is way better than the movie. In the book it actually shows that the mom is really sick but in the movie she just seems a little tired and not sick at all. At least not the way she should be. Also everything in the movie moves really fast. I loved the book it was such a good book, probably one of the best books I have read. I did not like the movie cause the movie makes everything softer in a way like it almost does not tell the same story that the book does. The book is about this boy that’s mom has cancer and this big yew tree that comes to tell him 3 tales but the movie is softer it does not really show how sick the mom really is and makes everything less scary and moving. Also, why does the monster always come at exactly 12:07? Did the monster just decide that he liked that time and was only gonna bother Conor at that exact time? Also in the book he turns a clock to 12:07 why did the monster come when it was not actually 12:07? I’d like to hear what you guys think in the comments.

Deep Thinker 1.4

Source: Stay where you are and then Leave pg. 7

Quote: “He knew that something was going on out there in the real world, something that all the adults were talking about, but it seemed boring and he wasn’t really interested anyway. There’d been talk about it for months; the grown ups were forever saying that something big was just around the corner, something that was going to affect them all.”

Content: Alfie just witnessed his family get into a small fight about who knows what.

This makes me think: What are they talking about the book says nothing about this mysterious thing that could change everything and why would it make people fight????

Word Nerd 1.6

Source: Stay where you are and then Leave

Content: “He new only one person who had died. Kalena’s mother, Mrs. Janacek, who had passed away from tuberculosis.”

In Their Words: 



an infectious bacterial disease characterized by the growth of nodules (tubercles) in the tissues.
In My Words: a disease that can be very serious

Word Nerd 1.5

Before I get started the word I am defining is a common word and everyone that sees this might think it is stupid but I am defining this word because this is a big part of my book.

Source: Stay where you are and then Leave pg.1

Content: Every night before he went to sleep, Alfie Summerfield tried to remember how life had been before the war began

In Their Words:


a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.
In My Words: When two people dislike each other and they decide to start a big fight.
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