On Stealing

Liesel has started to steal food from people. Like once she went over a fence and stole some apples. But, the one I want to talk about is the one where she makes someone slip on ice and then steals the groceries the boy has. She hurt them and that could affect her later like the boy could figure out she was involved and then she could lose a lot of trust from her parents and many many others. She is stealing for food so she is not hungry and I understand that but there are other ways to get food.

3 thoughts on “On Stealing”

  1. I totally agree that your very last resort to get something you want should be stealing. I think Liesel should get her but off the couch and make sure that she started working instead off stealing from different kids that have jobs and I think that is totally wrong that she should stole from them I hope she realizes her wrong doings and has a change of heart.

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