In, Romeo and Juliet, the two families irrationally hate each other. People are capable of hating people so deeply because that is what they have been taught to do. When you are around people who are negative, that negativity rubs off on you. So can hatred. Sometimes people don’t want to look from the perspectives of others so that they can feel like they are right for hating them. This is what happens in Romeo and Juliet. They have hated each other for so long yet they don’t even know why. I don’t hate one person I just dislike a group of people. It bugs me when people act fake in order to get attention or to make friends. You should be yourself not always try to please others. I think that I have good reasoning because I do not completely hate them, I am just annoyed with their actions. People like me can put this hatred behind them by trying to see from the point of view of the person they hold their hate against. Come to an understanding with this person or these people.

2 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. I totally agree. Why do people have to change to fit in? And I love your picture, it symbolizes your idea will.

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