Book Review #3.2

What I Read: Ashes Of Twilight By Kassy Tayler four and half stars

How It starts: Wren is on the rooftop it is a place that she is not supose to be, but that is exactly where she is on the rooftop soaking up the sun and daydreaming about life outside the dome.

How it gets complicated: It starts to get complicated when Wren friend Alex is murdered and burned alive

What I Liked: i liked this book!i loved the characters i like that they are all working together in hopes of something better.  I really love how the author introduces Pace character into the story, and i like the little touch of romance. i also really liked how it all made sense cause i’ve read some books that you have to finishes it to go “oh i get it now” this book did an amazing job of keeping it on track.

What I Didn’t Like:I did not like the fact that it was so important that they preserve the royal blood line, and how unfair it was.

Recommendation: this book is for teen and above and for anyone that like a good fiction novel with a little bit of romance