Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Why people keep there secrets is because most people are afraid of what other people are going think about them, Or they dont want to hurt someone else but instead they hurt that person there protecting way more than what was originally going to happen. Why are people so reluctant about sharing there secrets is they dont want a ton of people figuring out that they did something bad. Talking to others can help because they can handle the problem right away instead of making the problem super bad and making get out of control. this will help you in life if you learn to be honest because it will only be small problems.

Everything i know or i think i know about shakespeare

I know that shakespeare was a very good play writer and he was very talented. I think he might of been a fake and shakespeare is a pseudonym for another person. shakespeare was a very talented writer he made a ton of writings. He was a very smart man even though he was not schooled. his plays were very famouse all around the world like romeo and juliet. his plays were very good even though some of them are lost. shakespeare was a very talented man with very good ideas and marvelous plays that made people from all over to watch them perform.


people hate what the dont understand. Most people that hatev something dont know what it even is. People also hate things when an other person is better at something than they are. they hate people that have beat them or took away something that they worked for, for a long time. the reason i would hate someone is if they took something they didnt deserve from someone and brag about it. When someone does that it is so irritating it will make someone have hatred against that person. When people beat you at something we natrually hate that person for us losing.

love moderately

I think friar lawerence is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet don’t go so extreme with your love or else something bad will happen. this advise is very good because if they keep going to extreme and doing things that arent right they are going to end up having something bad happen to them. he is saying to them don’t keep doing stupid stuff without your parents. I don’t think that Romeo and juliet are moderete because they are so quick to do something so big and importaint in there life. They are to rational to get married at this young and quick age.


I think we don’t need be taught about Shakespeare its a waste. He has an outdated look on our lives today, and it doesn’t relate to anything today that we do. We don’t need to learn about someone who lived 400 years ago that doesn’t help us with our new problems today. Its very hard to understand the words he uses because for us they have a different meaning than what he is actually saying. People think of him now as an odd writer and they also say that he is an immature writer for us to learn about him in English.

How I Will Dominate During Term 4

I feel like i did really good this last term. I’m very proud that I finished to kill a mockingbird, and i think i did all of the writing assignments very well. I think I could of read the book faster to keep up with the class instead of waiting to the last minute to finish the chapters that were due. The skills i’m going to work on this term is writing high quality work. I want to be really good at writing very good papers and writing it fast. My first goal this year is to get an A in this class. Since i’m not very good at English I want to get a lot better.

How I feel about to kill a mocking bird

How i felt about To Kill a Mocking Bird was that it was a little boring at times and not much action. My overall impressions of this book was that it was fun, but I would like more historical connections. What I liked about the book that it was a mystery through the whole thing. What I didn’t like about the book was all the talking and explaining simple events. I feel a lot different then when i first started reading it. At first I thought this book was going to suck, but know it was well written and a very good story line.

Good stuff from To kill a Mocking bird

This was my favorite quote from chapter 23 and 24 “If there’s just one kind of folks, why can’t they get along with each other? If they’re all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?” (259). This is Scout speaking, and what I have found that is super interesting is when she says why do people go out of there way to despise each other. This tells me that scout is very caring ,but also very curious. I think this foreshadows the end of the book when mr. ewell  goes out of his way to try and kill Jem and scout.

An Authority on courage and integerty

My dad to me is the definition of courage and integrity, and this is my dad speaking. When you have something rough in you life you need to focus on the good things in life, and not dwell on all the bad things that can happen. When you don’t know what to do just ask for guidance from someone you look up to. We are all going to have tough times, but you can’t quit when it gets hard. You have to push on and try your best even if you fail get back up and do it again. Don’t be afraid to fail because if you don’t try your never going to succeed.

Blind Spots

I agree with atticus that we all have blind spots. no one is perfect we all make mistakes, but they stopped what they were going to do. So i think that doesn’t mean that they have turned and gone completely bad. I think its entierally possible that they are still good men even if they tried to lynch Tom Robinson. It could of just been a misunderstanding that they got upset about, but now there fine. When something happens that you don’t like your going to get upset, but when you get stopped and understand more your not going to stay bad for forever.