Tell me about it

This Friday I have a blue and white basketball for the jr high and were playing at the high school in Valhalla. This is going to be so fun to play up at the high school and show off my skills to everyone that goes. My cat named loo-loo was hiding from me so i went on a hunt for her. I found her on my bed under a blanket sleeping what are the chances of that. My kitten is so lazy almost the whole day she sleeps and begs to be pet by us she is honestly the cutest kitten ever.

What I’m Reading About

I am reading a book about investing, and it is the most interesting book i have ever read. This book is telling you about how you invest money in the stock market so you can be rich. This book is called ” The Motley Fool Investment Guide For Teens”. This book will teach you everything you need to know about investing. I would recommend this book to everyone if you want to be a millionaire by the time your 40 years old. It might not be very interesting to read but it will get you rich, and also be reading it and researching everything you can about investing. I would recommend you to invest in a mutual fund first then you can invest in a brokerage.

How am I as a reader

Somethings I struggle with when I read is under standing what I read. Its hard for my to grasp what I just read, I usually have to go back and read it again and make sure that I under stand what just happened in the book. What I like to reading the most is adventures or old knight and castle stuff. Things I don’t like are probably biographies they are just the most boring thing to me. Reading has taught me how to understand problems with homework or anything like that. I think reading is one of the most important thing you can do to better yourself.

How I did First Term

I did really good I’m super happy that i got an A in this class. This was one of my goals from the beginning of the year to get an A in English and I accomplished it. My new goals for this term are to do better on my papers and writing assignments, because I kept getting B’s or A- on all of my writing assignments. My personal goal is to get better at my sport. I wanted to make the sophomore team for basketball but I didn’t make it. I really want to get better so I can play up next year.

The Power of Words

Most authors try to make things relatible to the readers. This makes people really get in the right mood and makes them feel more with the characters or the book. They also make  stories very interesting or in a cliff hanger so we have to keep reading. How authors create moods in stories with words, well they make stories with a good description. When a book has good description it makes me feel a good mood for the story. How do authors create and influence a feeling with words. Its hard to get someone to feel the mood of the book you have to use words that make the story come to life.

How I Felt About the First Story

I read the sniper and what I liked about it was that he was so clever to fake his death and have a sniper shoot out with the other sniper. What I didn’t like about the story was that he went to go see who he shot that’s not realistic and how he had to take the chance of smoking a cigarette in the dark and risk getting shot. I just hated that he had to check and see if he knew the person he shot. It doesn’t make sense why would you go check the person you just shot and risk getting shot yourself. What i wanted to tell my group the most was why did he check and see if its someone he knew.

What Kind of Writer am I

What kind of writer am I. Some of my strengths of writing are coming up with a story line super fast and making it sound good. What I have a hard time with is not making my story flow when you read it. My stories are very choppy and don’t sound professional. I think I need to improve on my fluency of a sentence so its not choppy or its doesn’t sound good. I am mostly a story writer I love writing fantasies and old knights and castle stories. I also love writing about legends and myths they just have always interested me in writing.

What I look for in a Good Character

What i look for in a good character is that they are caring or compassionate for others. I also love characters that are the under dog of the story. It makes it more interesting for me to like the character When he goes through something that i have been through. When they make a character in a story relatable it makes you attached to that character like the book Rangers Apprentice how the main character is bullied and small and not the best fighter. I also love characters that can do really well under pressure it makes them seem invincible.

Why do we read stories

We read stories to show us good and bad things in life. We also read stories to share with children about our childhood or our life. Stories let us imagine and create new and amazing ideas. It lets us release our creative mind to do something great. It helps us with our learning and how we act as a person. It helps us to be the best person you could be. Reading stories is also a great way to learn about people and there lives they lived and the things they have been through. stories let us release our emotion and feel for the characters and try to be a better person

The best book I ever read

The best book I ever read was Rangers apprentice Ruins of Gloran. This book always kept me on the edge, and it had really good story line.  Theirs a boy and he wants to be a ranger, yet people are rarely picked to be a ranger. Rangers have to be stealthy keen and very good with weapons and bows. Rangers are the best of the best with keeping cities safe.  I recommend this for teenagers and for anybody who likes adventure. This book was the best adventure book ever. This boy was bullied and wasn’t the strongest person in the city of boys.