The amount of travelers every year to Asian countries has gone up 36% since this time last year. In April alone, 1.34 million people traviling have gone to Vietnam.

Vietnam also has a really popular dish called Pho, its noodles broth and beef with spices. A bartender has made a drink with the Pho spices but wihtout the broth or beef.

A short story by unkown, called ” Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh.

This short story about a man Son Tinh who was a spirit of the mountains, and a man who was prince of water and the sea. There was also a king who was marrying his daughter off to the best man he could find. He couldn’t choose between Son and Thuy so he told them whoever comes back in the morning with the best gift will win his daughters hand in marriage. Thuy was late so he could not get married to her, so he was vert angry and flood the whole village and and whole castle while son tried to raise the mountains to try to get everyone away from it. Eventually Thuy gave up, but he comes back every year to try to win her back by flooding the village.And that is the legend of the monsoons in Vietnam.


Vietnam has a population of 92.7 million. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are the most populated cities there. 7.5 people live in Hanoi and 8.6 million people live in Ho Chi Minh.

The most popluar places in those cities are the temple of literature, and the Hoan Kiem lake. The most popular spoken language there is Vietnamese.

1.5 percent of adults there have heart disease. 23.5 percent of elderly people have Alzheimers. The most popular religions are Buddhism and taoism.

The currency there is called Dong. They are the second largest providers in rice in the world behind Thailand. The most popular sports are martial arts, soccer and volleyball.