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1)ok, so my SIPS was photography. at the start of my project it was going to be landscape photography specifically, however by the end of my project it was really just to inspire people to get outdoors, off of their… Continue Reading →


ok today i worked on finishing up editing the photos that i took with izzy last saturday. i also realized that i’m really gonna have to get to work with putting my video together now that i have all of… Continue Reading →


today i did some in depth research on even more tips and tricks for photography. i was able to take notes on them on my phone. i was also able to find some apps that i can use to take… Continue Reading →


alright, today izzy and i spent more time trying to figure out how to get photos. we also spent a lot of the class period studying action photos of people mountain biking. we looked up how to write songs that… Continue Reading →


today i worked on editing photos and exchanging editing advice with Izzy (“the lines!!”). i edited more of the bike photos i took of my bike and some from our trip to california specifically.  i also set reminders so that… Continue Reading →


my project is coming along pretty well now. i was able to go and take a few photos of my bike and edit them. i am also (finally) buying the songs i need for my video as soon as i… Continue Reading →


alright so today i worked more on finding music. i decided that for my presentation i will probably use the songs Atlas by COIN, Hard Times by Paramore, and T-Shirt Weather by Circa Waves; i will be able to purchase… Continue Reading →


Today i worked on organizing my notebook. along with that i also found (and wrote down) places/trails to take photos at. i realized that if i am going to edit my pictures like i want to i’ll have to find… Continue Reading →


Ok, so today i accomplished planning with addie a time to go over and learn how to edit photos, and tips/tricks with taking photos. I also learned that if i am going to do this project i am going to… Continue Reading →

SIPS Pitch

INTEREST My interest for the SIPS Project is photography. In the past year or so I have really developed a love for it and all that it can capture. It can capture anything from a small and seemingly insignificant moment,… Continue Reading →

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