My interest for the SIPS Project is photography. In the past year or so I have really developed a love for it and all that it can capture. It can capture anything from a small and seemingly insignificant moment, to the story of a life time. I am specifically drawn to landscape photography. Because of mountain biking I spend a lot of my time outdoors and in the mountains, and I want to be able to capture the beauty that I see there for others. My goal is that along with learning more skills and techniques for photography I will be able to learn how to edit my pictures.


1) How can I use my photos to inspire others to get outdoors and in the beauty of nature?

2) What can I do to learn how to take high quality photos?

3) How can I edit my photos professionally on my own?


What I would like to do for my SIPS project is learn tricks and techniques to taking better and more appealing landscape pictures. After I have a selection of pictures that I like I want to learn how to edit them. With this project I want to inspire others to get out in nature, to see the beauty of things all around you. I want to be able to capture everything from the small moments to “the big picture” so that others can see how important everything is, no matter how big or small. I want to be able to show those moments to people who aren’t able to experience them.


An expert that I would go to for help with this project, and what I want to accomplish with it is my cousin, Addie. She is an amazing photographer who has started her own small business for it. She takes and edits all of her pictures on her own and I love the quality and outcome of them. Along with her I will also talk to my friend, Heather (who goes to Orem too). She also runs her own small business and specializes in landscape photos.