1)ok, so my SIPS was photography. at the start of my project it was going to be landscape photography specifically, however by the end of my project it was really just to inspire people to get outdoors, off of their couches, and out of their houses. to get them out and exploring things and to show them that they don’t have to travel around the world to go on an adventure. i chose this project because i wanted to get people outdoors, but i have always had a love for photography, especially catching nature at its finest. the people that will benefit from my end product can basically be everyone that sees it, and even me. it benefits others because (like i said) it inspires them to get out doors and explore nature. it benefits me because it’s a reminder of all the fun that i’ve had in nature and with friends. haha so where the work for my project took place was basically all around the state. with mountain biking i traveled a lot at the beginning of this project so i have pictures anywhere from powder mountain, to moab and back again (just to name a few). i also have pictures from provo, a little town out by roosevelt called ioka, and in pg. i did a lot of editing and learning how to edit and take more photos at home and with my cousin.

2) a frustration/roadblock that i encountered was actually that my camera wasn’t as nice as i hoped it was. so that made it really really hard to work with aperture, shutter speed, etc. i also had like seven different editing programs that i was going to use, but in the end i could only use/afford one of them and that was rough at the start. however, by then end i really came to terms with that app and i love using it to edit photos now (but that was only after watching tutorial after tutorial and repeatedly asking my cousin and friend for tips on editing). i also discovered that i’m not as good as i originally thought i was with following the rule of thirds. because i struggle with that it made it so a lot of my photos were unbalanced and not that appealing to the eye. i was able to work through that tho by again, going to my cousin, but also taking a little more time to take a photo and learning how to properly crop photos.

3)so i think my biggest success with this project wasn’t really until the showcase actually. i had been super stressed about my end product since it wasn’t exactly what i was going for originally, but then i ran into jeff mitchell’s mom who i’ve looked up to since i was around 3 or 4. she came over to my spot and had me walk her through what i did for my project and that kind of stuff. i didn’t say anything about how i had wanted to focus mainly on landscape photography because my project changed a little a long the way tho. but right at the end as she was flipping thru my photos she goes, “i love that these photos are all focused on the outdoors and not just people.” and that right there meant the world to me and was proof in my eyes that my project actually accomplished what i wanted it to.

4) something i learned was how to edit photos. it’s something that i’ve wanted to develop the skill of for a while now and with this project it gave me an excuse to do that. i went to my cousin and we sat down and she taught me editing tips and tricks for around 2 to 3 hours. by the end i was better than i was before, but still not as good as i wanted to be. so i wrote down the tips she gave me and started editing around 2 or 3 photos a day. that was when i learned to love tutorials and the app that i use haha. but now i’m much better at editing photos and have even received compliments on them. learning how to take better photos and edit them was 110% worth my time. i didn’t learn anything to help my english skills, but i for sure learned some life skills like editing pictures (obviously) and that i can still take a pretty high quality photo on a not so high quality camera.

5) yeah! i was able to attend the showcase and it was nothing what i was expecting it to be, but it was still so good. i loved that we weren’t necessarily tied down to our spot and were able to go around to other students spots, but that also meant that no one was at there place a lot. i loved all the presentations, but it went SUPER long in there and my family had to leave before they could see my presentations. otherwise it was a blast and a half more than i thought it was going to be.