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September 2019

what I’m doing Right and what i can still do better .?

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what i like to do in this class I started to  challenging Myself to do the 50 book challenge so i can be better  at reading , this is my first time I did the 50 book challenge and I am trying my best to do the 50 book challenge , In other classes I didn’t really  like reading , but when I came in these class I started to set up a goal for myself to try my best to read every day , reading out side is fun  , during reading time in class i had experience a lot of things about reading ,I   am on my 6th book know ,I really like my 5th book its call  Lady Midnight  it is a good book , and  I really like this class and this is my favorite  class.Image result for book

Who am I as a writer ?

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I like writing that is what I like to do , when I was in kindergarten I started to learn how to write my own Name , but my hand writing was not good at all , but the good thing is I was starting to know how to write , when I was in 1st grade I started to know how to write and my hand writing was still bad , but when I started to get bigger and bigger my hand writing started to get better and better , I really love writing , writing is what I like to do , and a writer is a person who love to write stories and that is why writer stories and books.  Image result for writing picture

small improvement

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The things I am going to look up to are my goals , I want to do good at school and get a good education , i want to be a hard working person and do good in my family , for sport’s I want to be just like the athletic on the quote they try their best to do good i like that quot that is my best.

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