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this class is one of my favorite class  and because of the goal i made for myself this year is all about reading and getting good at reading so i can be one of the faster reader  but not one of the slower reader in this class , I have lot of fun reading in this class, Last year i made a goal for myself to read more than 50 books but this year i challenge my self to read more than 50 book s this year , and this year i want my reading skill to go up so as my grade in this class , this year is all about changing for me i have to be a good reader , i need to start reading lot of book so my reading can be good and better , reading is succeeding , and reading is fun ,

Half way Gone ,

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I been spending lot of hour reading at home and even in my classes , more than ten  hour reading every day , the more hour you read the more faster you are at reading and the more progress you make when it comes with reading , I been reading 32 books in this class and i think i have improve lot of time of my reading and , this class has help me a lot with my reading and with my English too , but reading has help me with my education and i have lot of stuff to start working on so they can help me with my education and my success .

favorite short story

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What i think about all the story we have read has a  different connection in them the story of an was talking about the connection and my favorite story was the landlady that story was trying to tell us about how  we should be careful about going into a stranger’s house and trusting the people you don’t know at all because you don’t now what they  are going to do to you and it doesn’t mean we don’t have to talk to them.


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what i am grateful for is every thing i have like my family without my families love and care for me   I wouldn’t be hear today i am grateful for my friends for always being on my side when ever i am having a bad day or having a bad time doing my homework they are the one who always help me with what i was going thru thous pass few weeks so i am thankful for them for being good support, and i am  also grateful for the gospel and it’s teaching’s and i am thankful for all the teachers for being patient on the student and not giving up on us all .      Image result for thanks giving

Everybody was finally equal.

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I think this story is talking about how people some time can be the same in there own way and how we treat other people , especially how they treat people who are smart and people how like’s to read all the time , and i think other people make fun of them because they think it is crazy to be smart and i think they are jealous of people how read faster than them and they are not fast reader , but i think this story is just a reminder of us how we should treat other people with respect and not treat them the way we should treat o were enemy and the people we hat , treat them the way we treat o were friend ‘s and the people in o were family


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I don’t have a lot of thing in my mind it is just  sport , song practice , and school , that is on my mind right now for sport i play basketball and rugby , song practice with my uncle and aunt  for school, i think school suck’s right now


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What i think this story is trying to tell us about how life can be hard , and hard for us  to trust other people who we don’t know , the woman in this story was a creepy woman and she is a witch the way she says thing’s that are scary to scare other people , but for the 17 year old boy that was in this woman’s house didn’t even now the woman was a witch  he think this woman was a good lady because she was acting nice to him because he wanted him to think  that her house is a good place to stay for the night ,but he didn’t think that the lady is going to stuff him , this story is telling us to not trust people we don’t now

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What I like from the story is that the Author use Irony , oxymoron , simile , metaphor  and personification in the story, and using Non living things to describe a living thing so that the story is fun for people to read,  and the other thing i like about this story is how life was hard for the woman’s in the 1894 because the woman didn’t have the right to be in charge of there self  there husband was in charge in there family unless her husband is dead then it will be a good thing because she is going to be in charge of every thing in her family and she is going to take over her husband ‘s place , just like the woman seas in the story Free, Free, Free she is happy because she is free , and that is what i like about the story

What ever i want

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Long time  ago there was a time that i went with my brother’s to Trek or treat and my friend I was dress up as a cat and my brother ‘s were dress up as supper hero  , the other  one was dress up as bat man , and the little one  i supper man and my friend was a ferry and my friend was making fun of me because i was a cat , but i didn’t care at all, all i care about was eating candy , the only thing i like to do on Halloween is eating candy

“Lock inside “

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I think this poem I talking about a woman who is thinking about other stuff going on with her life and She is feeling depress and doesn’t know what to do  , and i think this is talking about why woman doesn’t have the write to do what they want to do in the 19 century and not letting there husband take control of them to have the right to stand up for them self and other woman for there write , it is not just in the 19 century but these time , these time is not for the woman’s write but in is all about School ,

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