What’s this got to do with me?

In, “A Lamb to The Slaughter”, the wife gets betrayed by the husband, because I’m guessing that the husband wanted to divorce her. I can relate to her because, I have had a friend betray me and use me multiple times. That friend was one of my best friends for about half of the time I was in the 6th grade, we would play together all the time with my other friends. Near the end of that year she started asking for things from me and asking if we could play without my other friends, and at the time I thought that it was OK because she was one of my best friends…. Well on time I wanted to play with my other friends and she wouldn’t let me, so I got angry with her and told her to go away and to go and play with someone else. Sh stormed off and I never played or talked with her ever again.



1st Term Business

I feel the work that I did in Mr.Green’s class has been pretty good, I could have done a little better but overall I think it was alright. I have given OK effort, some things I could have given just a little more effort in. I think my greatest success was when we annotated for the first time, I’ve done it before when I was in the younger grades of school and I didn’t do all that well with it. After that first story I got just a bit more confident in annotating stories, and I fell that I got way better at it. I think one thing that I could work on is coming up on story ideas of my own. I feel that I have grown a lot since August in more than one way.

In second term I want to accomplish doing these blogs better and try not to get lazy with them. I want to be able to not stutter when I read out loud to other classmates. Being able to not stutter while reading aloud would make it to where I wouldn’t have to repeat what I had been wanting to say over, and over again. I think I will accomplish this be practicing reading out loud at home.

What I’ve been reading

I’ve been reading mostly books with action and adventure in them. I have finished reading “Maximum Ride,” by James Patterson which is the first book in it’s series called, “The Fugitives.” The book I’m reading now is the second book in the series of “The Fugitives,” it is called, “Schools Out Forever.” So far it is really good, I’m enjoying it. Though my only complaint is that the characters are constantly on the run and there is a cycle of them staying in one place, then running, then coming back to that one place, then running again. It was sort of was confused on why they would run away then go right back, and then end of it confused me as well. And I’ve figured out that there is also a manga on this book, which is really cool!


The First Story I Read

I chose to do, “The Veldt,” by. The story starts off with a woman trying to tell her husband that something was wrong about the nursery, and the husband thinks nothing of it, but when they get there they are greeted by an African savanna setting. The main characters are a man, and a woman named George and Lydia Hadley. The characters want to figure out what was going on in the nursery, but when they get there there are lions that chase them out. The story starts to get complicated after the lions chase them out of the nursery, when they try to see if the children imagined the savanna, the children say that they didn’t think of that place. The conflict is when the father tells the children to go to their rooms, when the couple go to bed they hear a noise that sounded familiar. I liked how it use the idea of a room that would project anything that you could think of, I didn’t like how dramatic Lydia was being.


All About Me

Howdy, I’m Julie, and these are some interesting things about me that I think you would like to know. I LOVE to do art, such as drawing, working with clay, and many other ways. I love reading books that involve dragons.

Image result for paint splotches

My favorite sport is soccer, I don’t play it much anymore but I still enjoy it, to a point that I still want to play it with my friends and family.


I have eight people in my family including me. I have my Mom, my Dad, a little brother named Bruce, little sisters named (ordered youngest to eldest) Bethany, Delilah, and Caroline. I have one eldest sister named Embrie, And then me the second in command of all my siblings.


Book Review

The book “Wings Of Fire” by Tui T. Sutherland is an outstanding book because, I can relate to some of the things the characters go through, at the end of each book you wonder what the next adventure will bring, and you will always be able to tell whats going on, and who the good characters are and who the bad characters are. Overall I love the series, and I think that the author is an amazing writer and that they should continue writing amazing books like this.