The First Story I Read

I chose to do, “The Veldt,” by. The story starts off with a woman trying to tell her husband that something was wrong about the nursery, and the husband thinks nothing of it, but when they get there they are greeted by an African savanna setting. The main characters are a man, and a woman named George and Lydia Hadley. The characters want to figure out what was going on in the nursery, but when they get there there are lions that chase them out. The story starts to get complicated after the lions chase them out of the nursery, when they try to see if the children imagined the savanna, the children say that they didn’t think of that place. The conflict is when the father tells the children to go to their rooms, when the couple go to bed they hear a noise that sounded familiar. I liked how it use the idea of a room that would project anything that you could think of, I didn’t like how dramatic Lydia was being.



  1. Be sure to add a picture for aesthetic appeal and full credit!

    • I’ll try… I just haven’t figured out how to download pictures yet on the chrome books… I will try to figure it out soon.

      • Click with 2 fingers on the image you want, then click “Save Image As” and click save. Then in your blog, click “Add Media” and then “Upload Files”. Click the button and click the image you wanted. Then it should load up. Then there should be a button that lets you insert the image into the post. ;p

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