For my SIPS project was originally going to be on Special Relativity, however I have found that creating a project to show it’s effect would be near impossible, seeing as it deals with particles that are going thousands of miles a second. Because of that, I have decided to broaden my project to both the theory of general relativity and the theory of special relativity.

Today I examined Einstein’s Field Equations and Einstein’s Relativistic Equations. Eventually, I plan to calculate the 4th-Dimensional changes we’re experiencing right now, along with the speed time elapses at for other people relating to my inertial reference frame.

Next time I plan to delve deeper into Einstein’s equations.

My SIPS Project

For my Student Inquiry Project, I plan to research Special Relativity. I find Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity very interesting, seeing as it’s the way all sub-atomic particles behave; It’s the reason why our atoms, cells, and by extension, ourselves act.

For my project, I plan to make replications of some of the numerous  thought-experiments used to aid the understanding of the topic.

When I ask questions, I want to be fairly vague, so I’m able to give more in depth answers. I’ll ask:

  1. What is special relativity?
  2. How does it affect me?
  3. Why is it important?

With those questions, I should be able to give good, slightly-more-complex answers.

I'm sure this blog is better than yours.

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