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I was born in Orem, Utah. I lived in Connecticut for 11 years, and now I live back in Utah. I play guitar, piano, viola, ukulele, and more.

Final SIPS

My SIPS project was to research Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and make a model to demonstrates it’s principles.

1)I chose that as my project because I knew what my project would end up being; I saw it on a YouTube video awhile ago, and I really wanted to make it, so I came up with this project as an excuse to make it.

-In the end, I benefited myself, along with everyone who was interested at the SIPS fair and learned something.

-I mainly worked on my project at my house; while I researched about it at school, I put everything together at home.

-My parents helped me with it a little bit, however the work was mainly done by myself.

2) My only roadblock was when I realized that I wouldn’t have enough to show what I learned: It was a week before the SIPS fair, and I stressed myself out a ton. I then realized that I could just make a trifold.

3)My biggest success regarding this project was when I put every piece of the model together completely – I felt an immense feeling of accomplishment.

4)Through this project, I learned more about Einstein’s theory of General Relativity (Obviously,) but I also learned how to finish a project in a timely manner to the best of my ability.

5)When I attended the SIPS showcase, I didn’t know what to expect; I half thought people wouldn’t like it. However, people actually liked it a lot: I got roughly 20 people come over to my station and watch my demonstration and play with it themselves.




Today for my sips project, I finished up my project. At home I finished the model itself, and now I finished planning out the trifold I’m making.

One thing that I like about sips is the ability to learn whatever you choose; school forces a lot of studying with topics that are either boring or I don’t prefer. With this however, I can choose what I want to learn about.

Next year, I wouldn’t change anything. This year’s SIPS model worked out well, and thus should be used next year also.


Today for my sips project, I determined the amount of money I need to purchase the materials for my end project. Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty cheap, and is, in fact, cheaper than my initial estimate.

For the showcase on May 8th, I need to buy materials and put them together. I also need to make a trifold showcasing special and general relativity.


Today I worked more on my Special Relativity project. I learned about Einstein’s Field Equations, and how they map out the amount of gravity that an object will produce. Here’s my notes on all the equations I’m studying so far.

To finish my project, I plan on putting together everything for the end project.  The project that I’ve planned out is to make a gravity model that shows the way heavenly bodies orbit each other. (Here’s a video that showcases what I’m trying to make.) 

This project will educate other people by showing them the relationship between mass, energy, gravity, and the 4th dimension.


Today, I continued to work on my image. Here’s what I have so far:

It’s not that great, nor is it that far along, but it’s all I got.

My next step is to continue working on it. The chrome books are terrible for drawing, so I’ll most likely just do it at home more.

I read Elise Conlee’s blog; It involved a cookbook with recipes from around the world.


Today, I worked on my graphics project.  I’ve been working on it for awhile, and I’m pretty far; By the next SIPS day I should have an example of what I’m  making.

I’ve only hit one roadblock, and that’s that the chrome books don’t have enough processing power to draw it.

Next time I should be even farther along.

Here it is:


Today I worked on my vector graphics. I’ve decided to create a masterpiece of the actor Tom Hanks. However,  I’ve noticed that he looks rather depressed all the time. So to exaggerate that, I’m going to make him into a sad clown. I don’t know how, but I’ll do it and do it well.

I would rate myself 4 out of 5 on how on-track I was today. I goofed off a little bit, but I did mostly everything I was supposed to.

Next time (And at home) I plan on drawing the picture.


Today, I researched Einstein’s theories more. I came up with definitions of every variable and tensor.

As I’ve been researching for my project I’ve realized that this project is going to be relatively easy. So, I’ve decided to add a second project: Vector Graphics. I’ve used vector graphics in the past, however never for a large project. So, my project is going to be to finish a full image. The questions I will ask myself are:

  1. How long does a full project take to create?
  2. What do I have to learn to complete a full project?
  3. How difficult is it to create a full project?



For my SIPS project was originally going to be on Special Relativity, however I have found that creating a project to show it’s effect would be near impossible, seeing as it deals with particles that are going thousands of miles a second. Because of that, I have decided to broaden my project to both the theory of general relativity and the theory of special relativity.

Today I examined Einstein’s Field Equations and Einstein’s Relativistic Equations. Eventually, I plan to calculate the 4th-Dimensional changes we’re experiencing right now, along with the speed time elapses at for other people relating to my inertial reference frame.

Next time I plan to delve deeper into Einstein’s equations.

My SIPS Project

For my Student Inquiry Project, I plan to research Special Relativity. I find Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity very interesting, seeing as it’s the way all sub-atomic particles behave; It’s the reason why our atoms, cells, and by extension, ourselves act.

For my project, I plan to make replications of some of the numerous  thought-experiments used to aid the understanding of the topic.

When I ask questions, I want to be fairly vague, so I’m able to give more in depth answers. I’ll ask:

  1. What is special relativity?
  2. How does it affect me?
  3. Why is it important?

With those questions, I should be able to give good, slightly-more-complex answers.