Post #3: News Article

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In Laos, a hydro power plant broke and the water it was holding flooded many of the people around the power plant. The article also interviewed a local, Petchinda Chantamart, and she shared that many people around the power plant were affected directly. Petchinda also told the interviewers that the government doesn’t care or help as much as they should be. 6,000 people were displaced from their home and since a majority of Laos is rural and many people have farmland their lives were destroyed. Petchinda tells the interviewer how sad she is that the flood has disrupted many peoples lives. Their issues have to do with the government and their slow moving efforts to help with the clean up of the flooded areas.



Post #2: Background info

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The population in Laos is 6.7 million and most of the people live in the more northern regions of the country and in rural areas. The capital of Laos is Vientiane and 196,731 people live there. Another major city is Pakse and there are ruins of a Hindu temple there. The major languages spoken there are Lao and French. 56% of Laos’s energy comes from hydro methods. The major religion of Laos is Buddhism and is central to the country of Laos.

In 1953, Laos gained their independence from the French, and a civil war began. I learned that the French took over Laos and they ruled over them for 60 years. Since the French ruled for so long in Laos one of their major languages is French.

Post #1: Introduction

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The country that I chose was Laos. I chose this country because of curiosity. Every time I do a project for history and need to do a map for it, I’m always curious about what Laos is like. I expect to learn what the daily life is like and what their hardships are. I want to know about what type of government they have, What types of food they have, and what most people do for work. I’m excited to find out about their customs and culture.

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