Fortnite news 5

I know its been a long time but heres the news from the last couple seasons!

fortnite is always changing. this will keep u up to date!

a lot has happened recently that is worth talking about! first of all, a new chapter has begun. chapter 2 has brought a lot of new things to the game, like, swimming, boats, fish, and a whole new island. this all happend due to the black-hole event where the energy ball thing from leaky lake exploded and opened a black hole, destroying the island. in more news, the giant mech from a few seasons ago fought a giant monster in a new event, adding a giant skeleton to the old island, after the mech jumped into the sea.

that is all for this addition. ill see u later.

villager news 2

“villager news!”

” no this is villager news 2 you are all fired!”


“i thought it was number one¨



¨OK you can stay¨


¨the winning lottery numbers are out, they are… 1 24 176 and, a drawing of a dog, i can wait to see who won that¨

¨YA i won! i won¨

¨security, get him out of here¨

¨OW, why did you do that, OW¨

¨get out¨

¨oh, OK¨

¨blah blah blah blah blah blah blah¨

¨and now! fire!¨


¨someones fence post was recently returned to its owner¨

¨and now the question we have all been waiting for, how dose my mustache look so good¨


¨(to tune of ant song) AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH¨


here are some awesome not really awesome Cloud facts

Hold the feather to your shoulder blade (under the shirt) and say this spell 2 times

fact number one: cumulus clouds are made of water droplets

fact number two: cumulus clouds are the clouds that you mostly look at to see shapes in

fact number three: cumulus clouds are a low level cloud

fact number four: the word stratus means layer in Latin

fact number five: also made made of water droplets

fact number six: mostly at 2000m

fact number seven: cirrus in Latin means curl of hair

fact number eight: cirrus clouds are above 5000m

fact number nine: cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals

fact number ten: nimbus means rain in Latin

fact number Eleven: can be anywhere below 6000m

last fact: made of water droplets (again)









and now a extra spell to get wings, just say this and go to bed, in a morning look in a mirror, tell me if it worked in the comments.

Wings, wings fly me away I want to see them everyday Feel them touch them Fly with them Not just an illusion Wings of (color) My wingspan is large To carry my body here and there Almost everywhere All I have to do is leap up and fly Reach up and touch the sky, Unfurling my wings so fast My wingspan of weight divided by 5 Will carry me across the sky My wings will be visible, To humans and ones like me But not when I close my back Then they will stay hidden, tight but tough Tomorrow I want to wake up with these wings And fly in the sky I command you to do this as I have asked you

fortnite news 4

fortnite is costintly  being updated, this will keep you up to trake.

first, sorry for not updating in a while. season 7 is here! new vehicle! an air plane! battle pass out! brand new pet! a freacken hamster! brand new gun customization! half the map is ice! creativity mode only for battle pass owners, create your own island! new lmt! sorry but i dont know what it is yet. two new toys! a fancy burger and a hockey puck!

did i miss any thing? tell me in the comments.

PS, sorry for the short news, i haven’t played yet.

villager news 1

“dose my mustache look alright? okay,Breaking News!  a Rogue citizen has committed a horrible crime we go to villager number 9 at the scene.”

“thank you villager number 4, we are at the scene of this terrible crime that happend later today, here is some footage of the crime caught on a camera mounted on that roof”


“it was a normal day in the village when villager number 54 Showed his complete distaste for our laws, this was quickly followed by a High Speed police chase caught on camera by a local traffic helicopter”

” you see this, this is crazy!”

” no I am a helicopter”

” beep beep beep missile inbound!”

” what!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! BOOM!” beep beep beep going down”

” going down” boom!” and that was the last we saw of those villagers, number 54 was apprehended later, police had placed down stingers and they proved to be too much for villager number 54″



” well there you have it back to villager number 9 at the studio”

” thank you villager number 4, well thats it for this edition of villager ne-“(to the tune of a song*you choose*) da da da da da da du da da du da da villager news!



chapter 1


Jason was super bored. He looked in his backpack for something to do, he found his Nintendo switch. It connects to all wifi! He got on his Nintendo switch and opened up Fortnite. He got to the Fortnite Lobby and noticed it was season 6! He went in a game and landed at Loot Lake. He saw the house in the middle was in mid air!  He walked over to a cube like thing and he saw he could use it. He used it and he was a ghost! He went to Tilted Towers as a ghost and he could go through walls! He switched back to his outfit(skin) and found the cube he used was gone! He saw a guy and got some shots in on him but he ran away. Jason found a gold minigun and got like four kills. Then he saw it… it was big… it was purple… and it was coming right for him! It was a person with a giant gold scar! He grabbed his minigun and shot as many bullets as he could… and he died in one hit! There was one person left!

“Wow,” Jason was astonished, “fast game.”

He won and got 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 v-bucks! He bought the battle bundle and to his surprise he got a pet! 3 to be exact! Bonsey, scaly, and camo! He got in a new game and he killed all 100 people! He was the only one who got a single kill! He got in a new game and blew up the battle bus. He got like 50 kills! He died and got so mad he yelled! And that gave him away… the teacher had caught him…

“Jason!” she had seen his Nintendo switch.

”Yes ma’am?” he was scared.

The teacher was tall and skinny. She had light grey hair and a bright red dress on.

“Detention!”  She gave him detention 15 times! He had 15 slips to fill out by tomorrow!  After 9th period He got to the detention room and got ready for a whole day of boring. And he was bored again! He was so bored. (Oh and his Nintendo switch was confiscated)


chapter 2


Jason got home after detention and all of the sudden Oliver and Max came running in

“I’m baman!”

“ I’m piderman!”

“I come over the house!”

“We’re best friends!” they yelled as loud as possible.

“Max, Oliver!” Jason had seen them do that before. Then he heard a knock at the door… he slowly walked over to the cracked door and there at the door… was his principal! He was not happy.

“I challenge you…”  

“What?” Jason thought.

“To a Fortnite 1v1!” Jason was really confused now. His principal was not like this. Then he spotted a zipper on the back… he grabbed it and unzipped it. Inside was Amy…. his best friend…

”hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” Amy clearly thought that was funny.

”Hey! Don’t do that!”

“Hey Amy” Max and Oliver said at the same time

“Hello” Amy was as tall as Jason and right now wore all pink. She had lately died her hair pink because she normally had blond hair.

“Want to play baman and piderman the game?”

“No thanks” Amy whispered something in Jason ear. “I want to tell you something…”

That was all Jason needed to hear. Amy must have been pretty loud because Max and Oliver heard it

“What?” Max must have been to focused on baman and piderman the game because he didn’t know what Amy had said.

“Nothing,” Amy said in a low, fast voice, then they walked up the stairs to Jason’s room.


chapter 3


Max and Oliver were sitting downstairs watching baman piderman on Jason’s Nintendo switch “hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” they both laughed at the same time. Then they heard something coming from Jason’s room…

“What was that Max?” Oliver asked

“I dunno” Max also didn’t know what it was. They decided to investigate. They creeped up the stairs… they peeped through the keyhole… and saw Jason and Amy talking

“Oh I have to go” Max said in a sad voice

“Same” Max said as they ran out the door all the way home. Amy also had to go.

“See ya” Amy said

“Bye” Jason sat down and made a new hobby, making books. He also played a game of card wars with his little brother and sister. His sister was wearing a red shirt and jeans with a pink baseball cap. His brother was wearing a blue shirt and shorts with a blue cap. His mom got home at the second he won.


chapter 4


Jason got to school the next morning and got to first period, math. Jason hated math the most. He decided to make a comic. This was the worst idea ever.

“Jason…”said the teacher. Jason was in big trouble now.

“Yes?”Jason said while thinking, “ oh no, i’m screwed.”

“You’re suspended! For a week!” said the math teacher.

“oh flip i’m dead” he thought.

The next day Jason sat down on the couch and watched youtube and played Fortnite.

“I just released something!” he screamed

“Fortnite may be fun…” he added, “but only play it at a good time. ” As Jason released this he got in a Fortnite lobby and played some more Fortnite… and that was when he saw something… read the next book to find out what he saw


End of book one


By xycrab

dedicated to: dav pilkey

fortnite news (3)

fortnite is constantly changing, this will catch you up.

balloons are here! the floating island is inside leaky lake. the power of the cube has changed loot lake to leaky lake. sorry for overdue or already said info. new lmt! team terror! go in this 50v50 match to find zombies! the only place you can find them. live event pasted last Sunday (when this was published.) where the cube cracked!

did i miss enything? tell me in the comments.(sorry for the short news.)


fortnite news (2)

fortnite is constantly changing,this will get you  caught up.

first things first, there are zombies, second, they give you shivers if you land at fetal fields. the new battle bus is SICK. sorry if i add overdue info or info i said in the last fortnite news. i still cant believe they added pets. the map has changed so much. cube monster spawners can spawn anywhere. once i killed a cube brute, and it gave me a chug jug. crossbow is back along with a new pistil. the cube is cracking! and so did the island. zoey skin disabled. new sick skin changes mid-game! buy it in the item shop for 800 v-bux. sponsoring is here. we can expect the gifting system soon. did i miss anything? tell me in the comments.